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The cupcake business is booming with the advent of shows centered around the new niche industry of "cupcakeries". "DC Cupcakes" is a show that follows the business and lives of two sisters who own, organize and run a cupcake business in the bustling Georgetown section of Washington D.C. The show, which debuted on TLC in 2010, focuses on the intense and sometimes volatile relationship between Sophie LaMontagne and Katherine Kallinis, sister and co-owners of the bakery, as they try to navigate the world of family, food and finances.

Viewers are treated, weekly, to a newly themed episode in which the pair try to navigate their cupcake shop as well as short-notice, large orders for parties, festivals and other businesses. The pair often find themselves running short on time and even shorter on patience as they attempt to concoct, bake, ice, decorate and load the cupcakes up for any number of events.

During the first season the show focused intently on the pair building their business and managing their employees, often with the help of their mother and extended, Greek family. As the second season premiered a larger focus on the family dynamic and the sister's lives inside and outside of the bakery is ever evolving. The family is still predominantly featured in the show, and viewers are afforded a glimpse into how a large, ethnic family comes together to help, interfere and otherwise meddle in the lives of grownups.

The show has become an overwhelming success and has followed in the footsteps, both in success and formula, of similarly-focused TLC shows. "D.D. Cupcakes" can be best related to TLC's breakout hit "Cake Boss". The family dynamic, the family-owned business, and a large array of interesting characters make the shows pretty similar in presentation and design. Fans of that show as well as Food Network's take on Cupcakery will likely find "D.C. Cupcakes" to be enjoyable and riveting.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on TLC on TLC
3 Seasons, 28 Episodes - Currently Airing
July 16, 2010
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  • To help spread the word of expanding their business, the Sisters decide to host a national cupcake eating competition on Coney Island while creating a cupcake sculpture to help celebrate the event. Will they be in over their heads or win over the crowds?

  • Sophie and Katherine honor the Army on its 237th birthday in 2012 by creating a one-ton cupcake tank that features a working cupcake cannon.

  • Sophie and Katherine tour Virginia and attempt to bake in a centuries-old kitchen in Williamsburg. Later, they assemble a cupcake pig to be auctioned off at the Loudoun County Fair.

  • The competition is on when Sophie and Katherine decide to see who can sell the most cupcakes in one week....Sophie in New York or Katherine in Boston. They each enlist the help of an iconic baseball player from their city.

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