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Series Length:2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
Network: Nelvana

The Dumb Bunnies are fun loving, helpful and very, very dumb...

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  • Sue Uppity becomes obsessed with the idea of winning the Bunnyville Gardening Competition, particularly when her main opponents turn out to be the Dumb Bunnies. While Sue pulls out all the stops in an attempt to top the neighbours, the Dumb Bunnies and Prissy work together as a team and share a common goal of having fun. In the end Sue comes to realize that the true joy of a competition comes from trying to do your best and not necessarily from winning. Well, duh!

  • When Baby accidentally captures an apprentice leprechaun named Paddy OBunny, the whole family becomes embroiled in a race to help him find his lost pot of gold. While Paddy tries to use luck to achieve his goals, the Dumb Bunnies forge ahead with hard (if often misguided) work. In the end Paddy learns that you cant always count on luck, but can always count on the Dumb Bunnies!

  • The Dumb Bunnies meet a very skittish police cadet named Jumpy at the drive-in one day (they like to go in the afternoon, its less crowded) and they soon become involved in a confrontation with Bunnyzilla, a giant helium filled balloon! Convinced that Bunnyzilla is after him, Jumpy tries to escape with the help of the Dumb Bunnies. Always willing to help out the police, the Dumb Bunnies are thrilled to be involved in what they see as Jumpys attempt to corral Bunnyzilla and bring him in peacefully. With the Dumb Bunnies encouragement and support, Jumpy is able to overcome his fears and bring a volatile and ridiculous situation to a satisfactory and amusing resolution.

  • The Dumb Bunnies pack so much stuff into their car for their vacation, that they end up taking their house instead (with a few quick modifications by Poppa) to save gas. Driving their new mobile home through town they accidentally snag a fellow by the name of Bluster Bunny, who seems to have been everywhere and done everything according to the stories he tells. The Dumb Bunnies take him at his word, and put him in charge of their vacation, sending them all into one perilous situation after another. Will Blusters supposed experience and skills save the day, or is he just full of hot air? He better be, because here comes another cliff! Wheeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

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