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NBC's Heroes tracked the progress of several previously-average individuals whose lives experienced great change with the advent of superpowers. Heroes is most remembered for its early two seasons of well-paced, character driven storytelling, with each season culminating in the ending of a layered story arc.

The first season of Heroes begins with several characters coming into their powers through either random events, deep introspection or a simple, unshakable urge to test their limits. The "save the cheerleader, save the world" plot arc drew the attention of millions and quickly put Heroes in the spotlight among shows in its time slot.

Heroes season 1 first introduced the characters of the cheerleader, played by Hayden Panettiere, and Peter Petrelli, performed by Milo Ventimiglia. These two heroes would serve as the crux of the show and would help in maintaining the Heroes fan base even through its waning years.

One of the main draws NBC's Heroes presented was its multiracial component. The characters in Heroes drew from several different backgrounds, such as Hiro, who was an office worker in Japan, or Nathan Petrelli, a politician from New York. The continual juxtaposition of cultures, races and character backgrounds played a strong role in establishing interweaving story arcs and character drama.

Each consecutive season would lead in additional characters, with some episodes outright killing certain important roles. The emphasis on the fate of the world, with the show still staying strongly tied to the fates of individual characters, gave audiences a sense of dark realism. Very few characters were considered sacrosanct. Heroes' writing staff used character deaths to create a sense of suspense not present in many other science-fiction-based dramas.

Character arcs between the individual heroes and villains were equally unpredictable. Early viewers of the show would be considerably surprised at the direction the main villain/hero took from beginning to end, for instance. The assistance of strong science fiction elements, tested humanity and impossible situations did much to create storylines where even the worst enemies could find common ground.

Heroes began to struggle in later seasons, and viewership never recovered from season three's finale. Where season one and two rode strong on the backs of untold character development and a deeper look into the limits of power, season 3 began to venture further into deeper science fiction. Many critics regard this shift as the show's true turning point, with reduced viewership catching up to storytelling that had grown out of touch.

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Heroes Full Episode Guide

  • As Noah's life hangs in the balance, Samuel prepares to kill thousands and Peter and the others must band together to stop him and save Emma.

  • While Peter tries to save Sylar based on his precognitive vision of Emma, Lauren goes after Samuel.

  • The new and different Sylar pays Matt a visit, while Peter tries to warn Emma that Samuel isn't what he seems. Meanwhile, Noah begins his plan to infiltrate the carnival and capture Samuel.

  • Sylar visits Claire, while Hiro's past decisions manifest subconsciously due to his brain tumor. Meanwhile, Samuel tries to impress Vanessa, his long-lost love, but things don't go as planned.

Heroes News

'Chuck' Star Zachary Levi Joining 'Heroes' Reboot

Zachary Levi is going from sleeper spy to superhero! The former "Chuck" star has officially been cast in the upcoming NBC reboot of "Heroes," according to an announcement from the network at the Television Critics' Association press tour. Levi will be joining the only other currently confirmed cast member Jack Coleman, who will be reprising his role as Noah (aka HRG). The show is currently slated for release later in 2015, likely sometime during the Fall television season.

'Heroes' Gets a Miniseries Revival from NBC - Will the Original Cast Return?

Apparently NBC's "Heroes" has its own superpower: Coming back from the dead. The network has announced that it will be reviving the canceled sci-fi TV series for a limited run in the near future, giving superheroes another shot in prime time on NBC. The move makes some sense considering the relative success of other superhero shows: "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." is doing well on ABC, while the CW has carved out a nice niche with shows like "Arrow" and a potential spinoff for The Flash, and FOX has the Batman prequel "Gotham" in the works.

Hayden Panettiere Literally Makes Amanda Knox Want to Barf (Watch the Lifetime Trailer)

It may not be the first time someone has told Hayden Panettiere her acting made them want to puke, but it’s probably the first time it could end up bringing about legal repercussions. Panettiere will play accused college-aged murderer Amanda Knox in the upcoming Lifetime movie “Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy." The network recently released a trailer for the film, and let’s just say it made Amanda a little nauseous. She is pursuing legal proceedings to force Lifetime from screening the movie.

Ali Larter and Hayes MacArthur Welcome First Child

Ali Larter and her husband got an early Christmas present. Ali – star of Heroes and her husband Hayes MacArthur – from the upcoming show Perfect Couples, welcomed a blue bundle of joy on Monday. Ali had announced her pregnancy back in the spring but really didn’t give a due date for her baby, wanting to keep some of it a surprise. So, when you have a husband with a names as Presidential as Hayes MacArthur, what do you name your child? Did they come up with something wacky or did they go the traditional route? Actually, they went so traditional it is boring! Ali and Hayes named their son Theodore Hayes MacArthur.

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