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Orphen is a mighty sorcerer who is training a young apprentice named Majic while living in the apprentice's home town. But it soon becomes apparent that Orphen's mind is elsewhere and he has been spying on Majic's friend Cleao in hopes of getting a hold of one of her family heirlooms; the Sword of Baltlanders. The sword is connected somehow to a mysterious dragon known as Bloody August. But the young friends are intrigued when Orphen calls the dragon by a very different name, the name of a woman: Azalie.

2 Seasons, 47 Episodes - Ended
October 1, 1998
Anime, Action & Adventure
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Orphen Full Episode Guide

  • When Orphen realized that the reason for all of the events that had happened up until now were all part of a plan to break open Elkarna's seals, he threw himself into battle with Elkarna to protect everything. MacGregor, whose actions had resulted in making his daughter feel bad, slowly started to feel regret.

  • The group chased after Majic, who had been kidnapped by Esperanza. But Flame Soul came to attack them, reborn using the body of his mother. Orphen managed to battle Flame Soul, who had become very powerful. Working hard, he managed to hold his own, but next, Majik comes to attack him. With Majic, who was bristling with newfound increased powers, as his opponent, Orphen.

  • Esperanza has kidnapped Majic, and Orphen is determined to get him back. Together with Cleao and Lycoris they head for Erukarena's Temple to save their dear friend, but an unexpected foe stands in their way: Flame Soul. And, Lycoris finally reaches a conclusion about the life she had forgotten.

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