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A very popular tv program that allows a select few individuals to get there car or truck remodeled. And they also have a really funny prank that there fans just love to see, it is hilarious and really funny to watch. They also do a really good job with there pranks, well put together and played out. So a very special small group of people get lucky and there cars and trucks and some rv's get a full restoration which is fun to watch and learn. With products that you can pick up at your local auto parts store, and use on your own cars and trucks at home.

Therefore the entire vehicle gets restored and you get to see them do everything on tv, from the start they have to take the vehicle in and find out where they have to start with the bodywork. Because every vehicle is different so they have to start at a different place every time, they have to look at the exterior of the vehicles also to find out where there team are going to have to start and they do some really great paint jobs. With some great designs so this team has what it.

This team has a sound team that does all of the work for the sound systems in the vehicles. They can even do special customized work directly for some of there customers that they get in, and nobody will have what these lucky drivers will get installed! No factory at all, everything aftermarket these are some real high powered systems that hit hard! You also get to see the last picture shot of the vehicles when the team gets done and these guys do a really good jobs, these cars and trucks you can sell for a lot of money.

So that is what the tv show is about this is a very good team of painters, engineers, and a great sound team, this is a very good television show.

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Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on TLC
8 Seasons, 99 Episodes - Currently Airing
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Overhaulin' Full Episode Guide

  • Insider Clyde knows his wife Vera's mission is to help others. So he has asked Chip and the A-Team to give her a special surprise, a new lease on life for her 1962 Porsche 356.

  • Air Force veteran Josh Ingram’s life is centered on family. But he’s always wanted a classic Chevrolet Nova project car to work on and share with his grandpa. Unfortunately, that takes time and money. Chip and the A-Team decide to make his dreams come true.

  • Roger Buchanan is a semi-retired former Chevy restoration parts store owner, and is obsessed with cars.

  • In the series' 100th episode, a water district sanitation technician's dream of fixing up the 1967 Ford Fairlane GTA that he purchased from the vehicle's original owner 16 years earlier comes true.

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