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Stan Lee's SuperHumans is a show that debuted in 2010. Stan Lee's SuperHumans can be watched on the History Channel. Stan Lee travels the world to try to find people who have super human like abilities. Super human by definition is an improved human, or a normal human with unusual abilities. In this show, Lee will seek high and low for the next super human. He is looking for extreme, and over the top abilities to make his show a success.

All of the people that he has come across has had some kind of interesting ability. Some of the abilities are unheard of, and unbelievable. You will see episodes of people with abilities such as, the unbreakable body, controlling sharks, sprinting on all fours, superior eye coordination, human guinea pigs, sword swallowers, human crash test dummy, bodies who can withstand boiling water, telekinetic powers, human stun gun, unbreakable skull, strongest man alive, human calculator, and withstanding electrocution (just to name a few).

Stan Lee's SuperHumans is a factual show. It is based on scientific evaluations of the people who are considered super human. This show reveals the accurate proof of their superhuman ability. The doctors and specialists will put the subject under numerous and vigorous tests, to see if they are in fact, super human. The experts are very careful in obtaining a solution. They want an exact answer that nobody can question or object to. So the subjects can be identified with having these abilities without any mistakes. When they receive conformation that they are super human, it is because they have passed all of the required testing needed to determine if their abilities really do exist. This show is a wealth of information, mystery, and answers. This is a family friendly show. Critics and fans alike, both rave about Stan Lee's SuperHumans.

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Thursdays at 10:00 pm et/pt on History Channel
3 Seasons, 30 Episodes - New Series
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  • The secret of any good superhuman is a deadly power hidden beneath an ordinary exterior. This time Stan is on the hunt for people with secret abilities that turn them into lethal human weapons! Lee Morrison says he has trained himself to deliver a super-powered strike, as deadly as a tiger claw. Brodie Smith is rumored to use an every day frisbee with killer accuracy. Daniel puts him head-to-head with a sniper to find out how accurate he really is. Rick Smith Jr. claims to be able to throw an everyday playing card with devastating accuracy and power, but can he throw it the length of a football field? Many people claim to have unique powers, but Paul Stringerl says he has the power and strength to run straight through a brick wall.

  • Genetic mutation produces incredible comic-book superheroes. But Stan wants Daniel to meet four real people who claim to have a difference in their physiology, that makes them superhuman! Mr. Duong claims that his entire family possess a genetic mutation that makes them completely immune to electrocution, and can hang from a live pylon and survive. Orlando Serrell claims he was turned into a real life genius after being hit on the head, and can remember the exact weather every day since the accident. Thanks to a unique genetic mutation, Joshua Carter is able to perform a staggering feat of contortion, that rewrites the limits of the human body. Kortney Olsen claims to have thighs even stronger than a python. Daniel tests her crush force, to see if she has turned her body into a human weapon.

  • Stan sends Daniel on a quest to find four superhumans with animal-like abilities.

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