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The Time Tunnel is a science fiction series. It is about time travel similar to the movie Time Machine. It was produced by Irwin Allen. The TV series had 30 episodes. The plot involves two scientists Tony Newman and Doug Phillips who are heads of the Project Tic Toc. It is a government facility built under the dessert. They have designed and built a time machine that allows people to visit anywhere in time and space. They tested the machine the Time Tunnel for a senator to find themselves visiting the site of a past historical event each week. This is the theme of the series.

The two scientists find out the machine works when a senator threatens to cut funding for the facility unless they prove to him it does. The facility has 800 floors and employs over 36,000 people. The first episode has one of the scientists going back to the sinking of the Titanic. Both scientists are transported to another place in time as the ship sinks to keep them from dying. While on board they try to warn the captain about the iceberg to no avail. They end up in a rocket ship that is about to be launched.

The second episode is about Tony and Doug going to Mars. It is the first to go to Mars from the US. They have another adventure with the crew on their way to Mars. Another episode is in 1910, they help with Hailey's Comet which is headed towards earth. The comet could destroy earth that very day. During this adventure the two scientist are separated.

Each show will gives you a preview of next week's episode. Every episode is exciting giving the viewer plenty of conflict and suspense. It is a series that younger and older children can watch. Some episodes use footage from the producer's other science fiction series on TV. An overall good show for the whole family.

1 Season, 30 Episodes - Canceled
September 9, 1966
Science Fiction, Action & Adventure
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The Time Tunnel Full Episode Guide

  • From the Mahdist War of 1883 Doug and Tony hurtle to the seaside town of Cliffport, Maine in September 10, 1978 - a full ten years in the future. They appear in a basement packed with strange scientific gear. Upstairs is a chemical laboratory. The door out of that leads to a hotel whose kindly owner has no idea she even has a cellar! The travelers show her the door to the chemical lab. When she opens it, it leads to a pantry! The travelers follow her inside and show her the door to her basement. Then she taps each man on the head, instantly paralyzing him. Seconds later she transforms into a black robed and purple skinned alien! What sort of trouble have the time traveling pair uncovered this time?

  • No sooner are the travelers freed from the clutches of the Curator in the far future than they're in trouble again - they land in the middle of the Mahdist War near Khartoum, April 2, 1883. They no sooner evade skirmishing Sudanese Muslims and British troops than they encounter... aliens? Doug and Tony must help British troops defend their fort against the Mahdists, and then they have to learn what the aliens want and figure out what to do about it. And the aliens seem capable of influencing the operation of the Time Tunnel itself.

  • Before Arthur can enlist them in the Knights of the Round Table the time travelers vanish back into the time stream - and a time traveler from the future appears at Project Tic Toc! This sinister silver clad figure stuns and kills his way through the guards, seizes Dr. Ann McGregor, and vanishes. The only clue he leaves is a data card made of strange metal but readable by the Project Tic Toc computers. From the card the Project team learns where Dr. McGregor has been taken and sends Doug and Tony there to rescue her. They arrive on a planet orbiting Canopus in 1910 - that planet's year 1910, which is 8433AD! There they learn Ann's abduction was a lure to draw them to the planet!

  • Doug and Tony vanish from ancient China into the time stream - and freeze there. The scientists of Project Tic Toc attempt to correct the problem but a commanding voice cries "No!" A man standing on the computer towers freezes the entire control room and pulls Doug and Tony into the present! He compels them obey his commands and sends them hurtling into the past, to the time of Arthur Pendragon in 544AD. For this is Merlin the Magician and he needs Doug and Tony to help ensure the reign of King Arthur by helping the young king expel hordes of vicious Vikings from Cornwall!

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