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NBC American comedy Up All Night has run for two seasons and was created by Emily Spivey. The show's stars include Christina Applegate, Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph in the main character roles of Reagan, her husband Chris and Reagan's best friend Ava. The show is in its second season with thirty episodes and producers plan to change the show's filming from single-camera format to multi-camera where it will be shot in front of a live studio audience due to past live stage performances of Applegate and Rudolph.

The show follows Reagan Brinkley as she returns to work after unexpectedly having a baby girl, Amy, who her husband Chris, formerly a lawyer, stays home to care for. Reagan is the producer for her best friend Ava's talk show. Other cast members include Ava's co-host Calvin played by Nick cannon, her assistant Missy played by Jennifer Hall, Reagan's brother Scott Chafin and played by Luka Jones. The show has been praised for its switch of archetype sitcom family roles with the father eventually becoming a competent and good parent who has to police his wife's crazy antics. Reagan is, alternately, prone to making situations worse when she tries to fix them.

The Brinkley couple must adjust to life with a newborn, Reagan's return to work, and Chris' new role as the parent remaining at home with their child. At work, Reagan finds that tending to needy self-obsessed Ava is as tiresome as motherhood. Reagan juggles new motherhood with her stressful job while longing for her more carefree past. In the series' second season Reagan and Ava deal with the cancellation of Ava's talk show. Meanwhile, Reagan's recently divorced brother Scott comes to town with his son in tow. In a reversal, now unemployed Reagan stays at home with Amy when Chris and Scott start their own business. Even with life at its craziest the Brinkleys are resolved to do the best they can with their marriage, careers and, most importantly, parenthood.

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2 Seasons, 36 Episodes - Canceled/Ending
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  • A look back at Chris and Reagan's wedding day. When Reagan and Chris decide to skip their elopement and hold a big celebration with friends and family, their plans are ruined by Ava and Scott.

  • Regan and Chris’ try to take Amy to see snow for the first time. Meanwhile, Ava gets some help from Scott.

  • Chris starts smoking and then has a hard time quitting, Reagan struggles to avoid a forbidden friendship, and Ava brings a Midwestern family on a tour of her daily life.

  • Reagan, Chris and Scott head to the great outdoors with Gene and Terry at their mountain cabin for their annual "Family Funlympics." But when Reagan leaves to check on Ava, she is surprised by what she finds.

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Nick Cannon Hospitalized, Mariah Carey Cites Kidney Failure

If you thought your holiday was bad, try being "Up All Night" star Nick Cannon. The actor/comedian, who is married to pop diva Mariah Carey, landed himself in the hospital over the holidays thanks to kidney failure, according to Carey's Twitter. Carey tweeted about the incident, noting that the kidney failure was "mild" and adding a picture of her cuddling up to a rather miserable-looking Cannon and offering him a juicebox. I'm not sure what's worse: the kidney failure or having to deal with Mariah Carey all the time.

Watch New Episodes of 'Up All Night' and 'Whitney' Before They Air on NBC

It's been a long time since comedy magician Will Arnett (of "Arrested Development" fame) got a gig worthy of his considerable talents, and he may have found it acting alongside Maya Rudolph, Christina Applegate and Nick Cannon in "Up All Night" on NBC. The new show is one of the best and brightest in NBC's comedy lineup, and it's conveniently positioned right next to another of the network's strongest offerings, "Free Agents" with Hank Azaria. Fans of "Up All Night" who can't wait for the Wednesday 8 p.

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