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This episodic series will introduce a few unique elements that people want to know when they are trying to sell their car. It will help people follow how they can sell their car for the right price too. The show debuts on Velocity, which is a specialty TV network that has drawn in attention from many corners.

Currently, there are all new episodes that will be premiering at 8:30 pm. Keith Martin is the host of the show and in addition to being the host of the show, he has starred alongside Lorraine McKiniry and Charlie Ross. These hosts will go over photos and review some of the specific aspects of these cars.

Thursdays at 8:00 PM on Velocity
7 Seasons, 76 Episodes - Currently Airing
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What's My Car Worth? Full Episode Guide

  • It's graduation day for the Class of 1991, as Keith & Josh reflect on '91 examples that are now 25 years old and can be considered classics. Josh hits Florida in a '91 Ferrari Testarossa, and the hosts compare the car with a '91 Alfa Romeo Spider.

  • Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, Arizona finds Keith and Josh flexing some muscle in an Oldsmobile 4-4-2 with the highly sought-after W30 option, and a legendary Shelby 289 Cobra with sentimental value hits the auction block.

  • At RM Auctions in Scottsdale, an elegant short-nosed Ferrari 275 GTB is up on the block and hammers at an impressive number to a round of applause.

  • In Florida, Keith tests the power of fuel-injection in a '65 Corvette, while Josh takes a spin in a '96 911 Turbo- the last year for those air-cooled engines. RM Auctions in Arizona offers a Ferrari-red-hot 512TR that's sure to put a smile on Josh's face.

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