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Car fanatic Philip Glenister and internationally renowned car mechanic/designer Ant Anstead are on a mission to find and restore everyday classic British cars. Phil provides the car adoration and Ant does the restoration. For The Love Of Cars is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (15 episodes). The series first aired on August 24, 2017.

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2 Seasons, 15 Episodes
August 24, 2017
Cast: Philip Glenister, Ant Anstead
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For The Love Of Cars Full Episode Guide

  • In the climax of the series, Philip Glenister and car designer Ant Anstead put their pride and joy collection of classic cars up for sale at one of the country's leading car auctions.

  • Philip Glenister and Ant Anstead go on a road trip from Bristol to Devon in a VW camper van. They also restore a VW Beetle for auction and meet a Citro├źn 2CV collector.

  • Philip looks at the Ford Transit, the revolutionary van as big as a lorry that drove like a car, and other motoring workhorses

  • Phil fulfils a dream driving the Volvo P1800 from Roger Moore's iconic 60s TV show, The Saint. And he goes for a spin on one of Scotland's most treacherous, winding roads.

  • Philip and Ant explore the world of micro and bubble cars, restoring a Fiat 500 and risking life and limb driving a tiny 1960 Messerschmitt in rush hour traffic

  • Philip and Ant celebrate 80s boy racer hatchbacks like the Golf GTi and Peugeot

  • t's full-on cop drama as Philip Glenister fulfils a high-octane dream to drive some of Britain's most iconic police cars. And a Rover SD1 is restored.

  • In a driveway in Hertfordshire, Philip and Ant discover a rotting Aston Martin DBS - the model from On Her Majesty's Secret Service. How much value can they add before the car is sold at auction?

  • As the climax to the series, Philip Glenister and car designer Ant put their pride and joy collection of classic cars up for sale at one of the country's leading car auctions

  • The brain child of John Zachary DeLorean the DMC-12 is famous for its gull wing doors, stainless steel finish and a starring role in "Back to the Future." Phil travels from Belfast to Los Angeles to untangle the sordid history of one DMC-12.

  • The 1945 MGTC was the little car that broke America, paving the way for the mass exportation of British sporty two seaters for the next three decades.Ant has a go at restoring an MGTC and they test drive the car at Britain's Richmond Park.

  • From a revolutionary design and front wheel drive to conquering race tracks and rally car events, the Mini Cooper Mk1 was the small car with a big heart. Ant and Phil travel to Dublin to buy a rare Mk1 Cooper for a major revitalization.

  • Once known for its punchy V8 engine and continental good looks, the Triumph Stag quickly gained a reputation for overheating and breaking down. Even though production of the car ended after 7 years, Phil & Ant are working to revive the Triumph Stag.

  • Ant and Phil find an iconic Land Rover that's sat undriven and unloved in a barn for 41 years. Ant tackles the task of stripping the car back to bare metal chassis and reconditioning it from the ground up.

  • Anstead and Glenister hunt down the Mk1 Ford Escort Mexico which became a celebrated British rally car after winning the 1970 London to Mexico World Cup Rally. Incredibly rare, Ant takes on the tough task of rebuilding the rusty jigsaw puzzle.