Ghost Slayers Ayashi

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In feudal Japan, during the 14th year of the Tenpo era, the city Edo is attacked by monsters called 'Youi'. Committed to combating these monsters are the warriors Ayashi. These warriors come from an organization called Bansha Artemesho, located under the city of Edo. To the public, this organization is known as a research institute of foreign literature, but in actuality it is an organization dedicated to slaying Youi, evil spirits who have taken on a physical form.

The Ayashi consist of Ogasawara H?zabur?, the leader of the Ayashi, Edo Genbatsu, a cross-dressing Shinto priest, Abi, a mountain man, and a cross-dressing girl named Saizo. Each member of the Ayashi has a special power that aids them in their fight against the Youi. The members of Ayashi set out to find Ryuudou Yukiatsu, a wanderer, and an employee of a bath house. Yukiatsu has the power of Ayagami, the power to see the words behind things, which can be used against the Youi, and potentially help the Ayashi win in their battle against the Youi.

1 Season, 30 Episodes
October 7, 2006
Cast: Seiji Sasaki
Ghost Slayers Ayashi

Ghost Slayers Ayashi Full Episode Guide

  • It is by the sword of Choei that the Divine Maiden is cut down. Yukiastsu is awakening to become god of the land. Choei and Torii have desired these forms. What is the truth of this world? The end has come.

  • Saizo is sent to help Ogasawara. Unfortunately Saizo is manipulated by Choei to call the Youi, Red Cat to set fire to the prison.

  • Ogasawara takes sole responsibility for the fight against the Tsukudashima fishermen. He is then sent to prison in Kodenmacho. He and Choei Takano are reunited after 5 years. Choei is now the convict boss.

  • It is now the first month of the Tenpo Year 15. The Senior Councilor Mizuno has fallen from power and Tenpo Reform is over. The people are still struggling with daily hardships.

  • The Western Ones enter the Maejima Temple, with Genbatsu with them. They desire to bring down Edo Castle, which stands above the temple.

  • As Atl has decided to reject this world, he summons Giei from the Other World. Giei is a gigantic Youi. The appearance of Giei causes and avalanche that covers Inba Swamp in debris. The Western Ones come before the Ayashi in this mass chaos.

  • The Inba Swamp construction site, in Shimousa Province, has had a series of accidents. There is suspicion that the accidents are the work of a black goblin. Tasaku comes to the city of Edo to stop the construction at Inba Swamp.

  • Well water has been turned into sake and the Ayashi mobilize. The cause is a water Youi in Edo's aqueducts, but it is hard to track, as it has burrowed underground. Meanwhile, Atl meets a warrior sentenced to die and tries to lead him to the Other World.

  • Yukiatsu and his mother are reunited after 25 years of being apart. Yukiatsu is encouraged to replace the missing adopted in the House. Ogasawara convinces Yukiatsu to take on this new assignment, in hopes that it protects the House.

  • A man claiming to be Yukiatsu Ryudo, shows up in the city of Edo. Ogasawara feels that it may be best to take some time to visit Yukiatsu's childhood home. They are hoping to find clue into the true identity of the fake Yukiatsu

  • The Ayashi have discovered that silent weapons may have been sold to Yamazakiya. Masurao has said that he sold "air guns" that produce no sound or smell. All are wondering why Yamazakiya, who agrees with Western Learning scholars, tried to kill Atobe?

  • The Finance Magistrate, Yoshisuke Atobe, has had an attempt on his life. More trouble comes as a group of ruffians begin to make appearances around town. They seem to hate Western Learning and show up at the place of a medicine wholesaler named Yamazakiya.

  • As the mystery of Yoshiwara continues to unfold, the Ayashi begin to investigate missing butterfly tattoos from the bodies.

  • There is a frightening case in Yoshiwara of Edo, someone is killing the courtesans. Kyousai has become a suspect with Atl believed to be his accomplice.

  • Atl is hiding in a courtesan house where a young artist, Kyousai Kawanabe, is being attended. After walking with police hand Tamahei, Kyousai becomes interested in the Ayashi. He is dazzled by Atl's beauty, who is suspected to be involved with the group.

  • Honjo and the others come across stone said to possess strange powers, but it's stolen by a mysterious group, the Western Ones, who raise an enormous Youi. Yukiatsu fights using Ayagami, but is no match. Meanwhile, Ogasawara faces his old friend, Kanou.

  • Yukiatsu is sent to destroy the Youi on Nikko Road as the Shogun's troop advances. Yukiastsu takes Ogasawara with him on his way to Nikko. They find the Nikko High Road taken over by all kinds of Youi.

  • Saizo, still possessed by the mask of Youi, heads for the town. The mask is rumored to feed upon all the desires of one's self to be more than they really are.

  • Yukiatsu and others rush to the theater to save Saizo. As the arrive, they find her completely surrounded by foxes. She has already been possessed by the mask of Youi.

  • A person mysteriously disappears from the town theater. The only clue left behind is a mask.

  • The Ayashi prepare to stand against Yukiwa. They attempt to calm him as he rages. Yukiatsu tries to bring Ayagami away from Yukiwa.

  • Who is Kumoshichi and why can no one else see him? Yukiatsu suddenly remembers a crime 15 years old.

  • Gigi, the Youi that possessed the life-size dolls enters battle with Yukiatsu. Yukiatsu gains aide by Ayagami. During the battle Yozo Torii orders Atl's horse, Yukiwa, captured.

  • The Ayashi begin to investigate a series of mysterious disappearances. All the disappearances are occurring in the show tent area. The Ayashi worry that there are connections to Youi.

  • With the help of Ayashi, Yikiatsu enters the Office of Barbarian Knowledge Enforcement that is hidden beneath Hibiya.

  • Mixed up in the fight between the two Youi from the Other World, Yukiatsu, Tae, and Outa are taken to Hozaburo's estate. But the Youi Yamago appears at the estate and Outa disappears during the commotion. Yukiatsu heads into town to search for him.

  • The Ayashi array themselves against Yukiwa to calm him as he rages about. Yukiatsu tries to draw out Ayagami from Yukiwa, but is helpless against the coldness that he unleashes. Atl works desperately to protect Yukiwa from the Ayashi's attacks.