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Manhunt is a tension filled drama, written anthology style and is set to debut on NBC this year. This series will focus primarily on the events surrounding the hunt and capture of criminals and fugitives roaming at large in American and International cities. Manhunt gives its audience an idea of what goes on in the minds of those who have dedicated their lives to searching for these fugitives.

During this series, viewers will get a first-hand view of the tension, hard work, long hours and drama that goes on in war zones and terrorist attacks, focusing on the thirst for revenge that human nature brings about. Manhunt is an edge-of-your seat kind of series that focuses on some hefty topics and is written in a style that is fast becoming one of the most popular on television today. This series joins two of the most popular anthology style shows on TV, HBO's True Detective and American Horror Story.

2 Seasons, 14 Episodes
May 1, 2013
Action & Adventure, Crime, Drama, Mini-Series
Cast: Sam Worthington, Paul Bettany, Chris Noth, Jeremy Bobb, Ben Weber
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Manhunt Full Episode Guide

  • On December 2, 1919, Ambrose Small, well known in theatrical circles in the United States and Canada as the owner of the Grand Opera House in Toronto, was last seen in his office before he disappeared. This episode follows the manhunt for Small by the police, fueled by several newspaper advertisements offering handsome rewards for people who might have information on him.

  • Leonard Lake distracted a clerk while his partner-in-crime stole a Chinese-manufactured gray steel Dominion Brand bench vise. This $75 shoplifting spree resulted in a simple car search that led to the discovery of a string of murders and an international manhunt for sex killer Charles Ng.

  • Lucius Jack Warren was having his fifth beer at the Pope's Hotel bar when Donald Morrison came back to Megantic. The American bounty hunter had been hired by the local police to hunt down Morrison, who the townsfolk had been hiding. In the warm afternoon shadows of June 22, 1888, Warren drew his gun but was shot dead by his prey. The chase for the murdering Morrison was now and all-out manhunt.

  • By 3pm on July 28, 1996, Skipper John Copik and his son Craig had spent ten hours fishing off the coast of Teignmouth, in Southwest England. The nets felt heavy, and when they were hauled in, they held the body of a man - an unidentified, unreported death that became the subject of a six-years-long international manhunt for a famous con artist and murderer.

  • On September 10, 1904, the Canadian Pacific Railway's Transcontinental Express left Mission Junction, British Columbia on the last leg of its journey from Toronto to Vancouver. Shortly after departure, bandits forced the train to a halt and stole millions of uninsured securities. They disappeared in the thick mountain mist as Canada's first CPR train robbery resulted in a cross-border manhunt.

  • The water off Venice Beach, California was a cool 52

  • In 1931, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Constable Alfred "Buns" King cautiously knocked at a log cabin situated eight miles up Canada's Rat River. King was shot by the man inside, a trapper whose name may have been Albert Johnson. A manhunt ensued led by dogsled, foot and plane across the northern tundra region.

  • On August 28, 1973, high temperatures shut down elevators in Manhattan's Diplomat Hotel. Two drug buyers walked up ten floors for cocaine that was only 17% pure. Real dealers might have killed the seller for the low quality, but these were narcotics officers arresting 60s political folk hero Abbie Hoffman. Two weeks later, Hoffman skipped bail and became the subject of a seven-year manhunt.

  • In 1945, Allied forces occupied Germany after five years of war, and German war criminals including Adolf Eichmann went into hiding. Eichmann visited his family in Austria and gave poison to his wife in case the Russians captured them. On April 30, Hitler committed suicide. Germany surrendered, launching a massive global manhunt for the criminals of war - especially Karl Adolf Otto Eichmann.

  • On July 13, 1910, at 39 Hilldrop Crescent, Holloway, a suburb of London, tenacious Scotland Yard Chief Inspector Walter C. Dew and a team of investigators uncovered what proved to be filleted human remains without bones, limbs or heads. Three days later, "Doctor" Hawley Harvey Crippen and Miss Ethel Le Neve became the subjects of an international manhunt.

  • A look at how the CIA finally found Osama bin Laden after searching for him for almost a decade.

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