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Manhunt is a tension filled drama, written anthology style and is set to debut on NBC this year. This series will focus primarily on the events surrounding the hunt and capture of criminals and fugitives roaming at large in American and International cities. Manhunt gives its audience an idea of what goes on in the minds of those who have dedicated their lives to searching for these fugitives.

During this series, viewers will get a first-hand view of the tension, hard work, long hours and drama that goes on in war zones and terrorist attacks, focusing on the thirst for revenge that human nature brings about. Manhunt is an edge-of-your seat kind of series that focuses on some hefty topics and is written in a style that is fast becoming one of the most popular on television today. This series joins two of the most popular anthology style shows on TV, HBO's True Detective and American Horror Story.

1 Season, 1 Episode
May 1, 2013
Action & Adventure, Crime, Drama, Mini-Series
Cast: Tao Okamoto, Naoto Takenaka, Hanyu Zhang, Ji-won Ha
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  • A look at how the CIA finally found Osama bin Laden after searching for him for almost a decade.

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