McHale's Navy

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McHale's Navy takes place in World War II on a Pacific Island Base called Taratupa. McHale is the commanding officer of the Naval Ship that is stationed here and he and his men are about to get the surprise of a lifetime. Japanese planes decide to bomb the island virtually destroying every inch of the military base.

When the attack was over it was discovered out of 150 Marines and Naval personnel only 18 had survived. There was virtually no way to make a rescue attempt as the Japanese had the entire region heavily patrolled and so the men had no choice but to hide among the island and survive. They become good friends with the natives and begin to live among them.

After months of living in a state of leisure and not even working on ways to get rid of the Japanese, the men get another surprise. A new executive office parachutes onto the island with new orders for McHale. However, McHale refuses to follow the orders and risk the lives of the men that were left after the attack. The men have grown so accustomed to their living arrangements that they started to fit in with the locals. One man started a laundry service while McHale owned a still and was making moonshine. To make matters worse for the poor executive officer McHale was close friends with the Native Chief.

When it is later learned that a Marine battalion is pinned down on the beach and on the horizon another Japanese attacked lurked McHale began to change his mind. He is ordered to use his ships and protect the Marines but due to the bombing all ships had been sunk. He decided to overrun a Japanese ship and keep the Japanese flag flying so he could get as close as he could to a Japanese Cruiser. Once he was close enough he would then send out two torpedoes to destroy the cruiser and sink it to the bottom.

4 Seasons, 139 Episodes
October 11, 1962
Cast: Ernest Borgnine, Tim Conway, Joe Flynn, Gary Vinson, Carl Ballantine
McHale's Navy

McHale's Navy Full Episode Guide

  • Binghamton's moment of planned heroism intended to impress a politician is ruined by a GI patrol.

  • Binghamton lands himself on the field of honor opposing a dead-shot nobleman.

  • Binghamton is determined to make an example of Parker for fraternizing.

  • Binghamton finds himself at odds with a car race arranged by McHale and his men.

  • A lost German patrol wreaks havoc with Binghamton's command.

  • McHale is named the winner of a contest in the town of Voltafiore.

  • Binghamton takes advantage of McHale's absence by putting Parker in command of PT-73.

  • A shapely member of Binghamton's staff comes to the rescue when McHale and his men get in trouble over a...

  • Binghamton assumes he's cracked a spy ring when he finds a chimpanzee carrying a top-secret order.

  • Binghamton finds himself in trouble when he tries to get a golf course built.

  • Binghamton's plan to film McHale and his men at a wild party backfires.

  • Parker disguises himself as a WAC when McHale and his men try to play Cupid.

  • Parker runs off and joins a gypsy camp when he believes he machine-gunned Binghamton.

  • Binghamton appropriates the fire truck McHale's crew uses as a still.

  • McHale and his men are thrown in jail as suspects in the theft of Binghamton's ship's clock.

  • Binghamton suspects McHale is involved in the black market.

  • Binghamton suspects McHale is involved in the black market.

  • McHale and his men try to convince Binghamton the war is over.

  • Col. Harrigan takes over McHale's beach quarters for his own playground.

  • McHale and his men convince Binghamton he is the victim of an old curse.

  • Binghamton's operatic debut is disrupted by an air raid.

  • Binghamton recovers the wine McHale and his men have booby-trapped for the Germans.

  • McHale and his men fake an enemy attack to save their wine cellar.

  • The mayor of an Italian village forces McHale to use his PT-73 for a fishing expedition.

  • Binghamton discovers McHale and his men at a party instead of on the hike he ordered them to take.

  • Parker is clapped in the brig after he spills spaghetti on Binghamton.

  • Fuji and Parker impersonate a Japanese admiral and his aide to get McHale and his crew away from German...

  • Parker uses McHale's look-alike cousin to convince Binghamton McHale is suffering from battle fatigue.

  • McHale's crew pressures him into performing a wedding ceremony aboard the PT-73.

  • Disguised as an Italian family, McHale and his men play host to a German patrol.

  • Binghamton banishes the men of PT-73 to a dismal camp in Italy.

  • Binghamton assigns a young sailor to spy on McHale and his men.

  • A publicity-hungry movie star succeeds in being marooned on an island with McHale and his men.

  • Binghamton conducts a forced sale of insurance in order to impress an insurance tycoon.

  • Parker impersonates Dracula to escape from Binghamton's clutches.

  • Automation threatens to break up McHale's old gang.

  • McHale's men are framed on a bootlegging charge and clapped in the brig.

  • A famous World War II troubadour promises to come to Taratupa and put on a show.

  • A shah refuses to sign an oil rights agreement unless his friend Parker is made an admiral.

  • A chimpanzee steals a valuable necklace Binghamton bought for his wife.

  • Parker's Easter Bunny costume has the Japanese thinking the Americans are using forest demons.

  • Binghamton suspects chicanery when McHale's men sell him a Gauguin painting.

  • After he is hit on the head, Parker thinks he is 10-years-old.

  • Binghamton suspects McHale is involved in the black market.

  • McHale sets out to spring Parker from the brig where he is being held on larceny charges.

  • Binghamton's wife pays a surprise visit to Taratupa Island.

  • Binghamton arranges for CPO examinations for McHale's men.

  • Binghamton assigns his aide to spy on McHale's camp.

  • Binghamton finds out that he has only 48 hours to live after McHale's men touch up one of his X-rays.

  • Binghamton orders truth serum shots for McHale and his men in order to obtain evidence against them.

  • Binghamton and Parker are air-dropped onto a deserted island for a survival test.

  • McHale's men are unaware their pet parrot is blabbing their secret plans to Binghamton.

  • McHale's prisoner of war falls in love with a native chief's daughter.

  • Parker is assigned to a one-man lookout on an island frequently used by enemy ships for target practice.

  • McHale's men put Christy in a sack and mail him home to see his baby daughter.

  • McHale and his men impersonate international playboys in an attempt to help Binghamton.

  • Binghamton sends McHale and his men to sign a peace treaty with a tribe of headhunters.

  • Binghamton tries to push himself into position for a quick promotion.

  • Parker pretends to be a senator's nephew in order to get a promotion.

  • Binghamton assigns a bumbling fool who is responsible for sinking three ships to McHale's unit.

  • A court-martial board tries Parker for the theft of Binghamton's wallet.

  • McHale's men charge Binghamton up with laughing gas to prevent him from court-martialing Parker.

  • McHale and his men rescue a visiting sultan and his three daughters.

  • Binghamton assigns McHale as temporary base commander in hopes of having him transferred.

  • The whole crew faces court-martial unless they can locate a girl with a heart-shaped beauty mark on her ankle.

  • Gruber gets himself in hot water when he tells his girlfriend he is a lieutenant commander.

  • Binghamton tries to spook the PT-73 crew until they beg for transfer.

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