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In this anime series, a high school student thinks his biggest problem is that he can't confess his crush on one of his fellow students. But when a magical demon girl from another planet suddenly comes into his life and insists on marrying him, things get much more complicated.

To Love ru is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on April 3, 2008.

Where do I stream To Love ru online? To Love ru is available for streaming on Sentai Filmworks, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch To Love ru on demand at Hulu online.

Sentai Filmworks
1 Season, 26 Episodes
April 3, 2008
Cast: Franciska Friede, Ry McKeand, Alexis Tipton, Bryn Apprill
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To Love ru Full Episode Guide

  • Rito wakes up to Haruna and Lala yelling at him that he is about to miss the ship. Lala decides she can't marry unless he wants too.

  • Rito receives a message from the King of Deviluke which orders him to board the Devilukian spaceship as he has to prove he is the best in the universe. Before boarding the ship he confesses his feelings for Haruna.

  • Lala's personality changes due to a fever. Rito now has to deal with Lala's constantly changing personalitues and her desire to take over the world as a deviluke princess.

  • Saruyama wishes that he was a nobleman from the Edo Castle. He then starts to daydream about being the ruler of Edo Castle.

  • Everyone is upset by Yui's submission of what they should do for the culture festival. She submitted that they do a region research display or a calligraphy display.

  • Yuuki hears about an alien hotel being run by Mikade-sensei and Kimio. There Yuuki decides to try it check it out via the old school building.

  • General Mojack decides to try and take over the world so Kirisaki takes it upon her self to destroy him by turning into Magical Kyoko Flame.

  • After seeing a commercial on TV promoting a hot springs, Lala tells Rito that she wants to own a hot springs. Lala then proceeds to build her own hot springs right in her own backyard.

  • A space ship flies over the school and drops off a package for Lala on the roof. Inside the package is a pregnant wolf that jumps out and tries to kill Lala.

  • Rito and everyone decide to go to the old school building to find out if the rumor of a ghost haunting the building is true.

  • Everyone decides to have a fun afternoon together at the water park. Rito now has a new source of relationship drama: Run has fallen in love with him, too.

  • Rito, Haruna, and Lala are moving up in the universe, when an alien prince visits and they each become Ambassadors of Peace from the Earth. They compete for the title of Greatest Hunter in the Universe.

  • Haruna asks Rito to have lunch with her by the river. During their date, her dog falls into the water and is rescued by Rito. Dripping wet, Haruna takes him to her house to dry his clothes.

  • Rito is about to have the worst 'meet the parent' experience in the whole universe! Lala's father, King Deviluke is coming to earth to see if Rito is worthy of being his daughter's future husband and eventual ruler of their planet.

  • The athletic festival has arrived and Rito is in the lead to making a complete fool of himself. He's trying everything he can think of to impress Haruna, but keeps accidentally bumping and touching her.

  • An assassin, know as Golden Darkness, was hired to kill Rito. Zastin comes to rescue Rito, but this girl is more than he can handle. Lala shows up, and the girl fight is on.

  • Lala's fan club president, Stella, shows up, trying to convince her to return to make an idol CD. Stella becomes upset when she finds that Lala is engaged and refusing to go.

  • Yui convinces the principal to allow her to set some rules for moral behavior at school and creates an enforcement squad. Rito comes under Yui's special attention, as she suspects that he is the one behind the corruption of good and decent values.

  • Trying to win over Lala, Ren first turns to Rito for advice, then to the female students at school. He embarks upon a rigorous training regime, including fighting a gang leader and Big Foot before finally taking on a 120 km marathon.

  • Saki Tenhouin challenges Lala to the Miss Sainan Competition. Refusing to be made a fool of, Saki will learn Lala's secret and try to destroy her in the queen's challenge.

  • Mikan is helping Lala feel right at home with delicious home cooked meals. Rito is desperate to find a way to get out of marrying Lala without attracting her father's rage and being at fault for the destruction of the earth.

  • In an attempt to cheer up Rito and teach Lala more about earth culture, Mikan decides they should go on a tour of the city. Disaster is narrowly averted following a wardrobe malfunction and Lala's inventions at the aquarium.

  • Rito has only three days to set things right and prevent King Deviluke's wrath over a broken engagement!

  • To Love ru: Rito Yuki had no idea the planet Develuke even existed when their Princess Lala teleported into his bathtub, but now he finds himselft to be engaged to the beautiful girl with a pointed tail. Problem: various aliens are showing up on missions of varying hostile intent. Worse, the girl that Rito REALLY loves is still completely unaware of his feelings!