To Love ru Darkness 2

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To Love ru Darkness 2: Rito Yuki has more women in his life than he knows what to do with. As if it wasn’t enough to have three Devilukean princesses living in close quarters - now, alien girls from throughout the galaxy are enrolling in his school also! When the addition of a particularly strange girl threatens someone he cares for, Rito and the girls team up to fight an overwhelmingly powerful opponent!

Sentai Filmworks
1 Season, 12 Episodes
July 8, 2015
To Love ru Darkness 2

To Love ru Darkness 2 Full Episode Guide

  • Yami€™s transformation takes everyone off guard; her goal stays the same, but nobody expected her methods. Mea resists against Nemesis€™ hold on her body in an effort to help.

  • With everyone's acceptance of Mea, Yami is coming to a realization that will change everything; Nemesis capitalizes on this and pushes the situation to a breaking point.

  • A vacuum Lala invented goes crazy due to Oshizu€™s powers; it€™s sucking up the girl€™s clothes! Mea is forced to make a decision as the invention€™s core threatens the school.

  • Lala wants to help Rito and Haruna get closer, but Momo€™s plan needs Lala to be the first wife. Utilizing a dating sim, Momo educates her sister about expressions of love.

  • Rito and the girls are enlisted to help out at theTenjouin mansion. The girls dress up as maids for the task, but a mysterious sword turns the mansion into a battleground.

  • Momo is concerned about the distance between Tearju and Yami, and she tells Rito as much. He decides to speak with Yami, but Mea€™s contribution may be the tipping point.

  • Momo fantasizes about alone time with Rito, only to be interrupted by Nemesis. Later on, the bath becomes a hot spot as Momo finds Rito with someone unexpected.

  • Rito and the girls are ready to have a blast at the Summer Festival. But as Momo is enjoying rare time alone with Rito, a dangerous introduction is made.

  • Nana retreats to her own private Safari to contemplate Mea€™s true form and the words she said that may forever change their friendship.

  • Rito picks up a strange device that Lala dropped at school. The alien technology has an interesting effect that will leave Rito exhausted and a little mousy.

  • A casual day becomes something more as a Devilukean drink has a particular effect on Sairenji.

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