Wish Upon the Pleiades

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The Pleiades are an annual occurrence that draws attention to the night sky. It has been revered since antiquity, but a revival is putting a new spin on the event. Viewers can expect dozens of meteorites to streak across the sky each year as the Pleiades unfold.

An explanation is in order for why this remains one of the feature settings for star gazers. Mythology has emerged from the Pleiades and has sparked conversation about their importance. It provides a convenient impetus to explain the difference between meteors and meteorites. Star gazers often just use it as an excuse to follow the heavens for an evening.

Sentai Filmworks
1 Season, 12 Episodes
April 9, 2015
Animation & Cartoon Anime
Cast: Saki Fujita

Wish Upon the Pleiades Full Episode Guide

  • After going through several jumps to chase the final fragment that appeared beyond their galaxy, they reach the edge of the universe where even light distorts, and find a black hole waiting before their eyes. According to the President, the final fragment lies within that black hole, and at the current rate, the fragment will escape their universe before they can collect it! In order to stop its escape, they'll need to draw the fragment back out of the black hole. Will they manage to retrieve the final fragment and safely repair the space ship's engine before it's all over?

  • The pieces begin to fit together as Minato recalls the events that led to his current path. Meanwhile, Subaru goes alone to save the fragments.

  • The Culture Festival approaches and the girls are working to represent the Cosplay club while Subaru works with a friend to create a planetarium for the Astronomy club.

  • A new fragment' been detected! But it' so far away that it will take three months to reach it, and Nanako decides to go alone.

  • The Pleadian spaceship is invisibly floating in orbit. It begins to materialize and it might hit Earth! The girls must fight to protect their planet, despite the price.

  • Reaching new heights is no trouble for Hikaru, so getting to the next fragment' location is a piece of cake. But even she has a weakness, and a particular fear.

  • The five girls have officially become the Cosplay Club! However, some off-hand comments by the President cause Subaru to become conflicted about her role.

  • Subaru goes to school only to find the other four girls are now her classmates. Only flying lessons could be stranger.

  • On the evening of a meteor shower, stargazer Subaru learns that Aoi, a childhood friend, is a member of an extraordinary group of girls, with an even more incredible mission.