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ALF was a staple for many households in the mid-80s and continues to entertain children of all ages in syndication. The NBC show was created by Paul Fusco in 1986 and completed its four season run in 1990. In all, there are 102 total episodes as well as a made-for-television movie called Project ALF, which attempted to answer some of the cliffhanger questions left open by the series finale.

The show's title star is an alien from the planet Marmac. His name is an acronym for alien life form. ALF is a cynical alien who loves to eat. He has a penchant for cats among all things. On his home planet, he attended high school for 122 years and has a large family consisting of 30 relatives.

The show begins with Alf following a radio signal to the planet Earth. Unfortunately, he crash lands onto a family's backyard. The family is the Tanners, an ordinary family consisting of a social worker father, homemaker mom, two children and a cat. Rather than allow ALF to be subject to scrutiny and experimentation by the government, the Tanners decide to adopt ALF as one of their own, and interesting events come about because of this.

Throughout the series, ALF learns about Earth culture and the Tanners learn to love ALF. While he is originally assigned to the laundry room, he eventually makes his way throughout the home and into their hearts. ALF even cares for the cat even though he tries to eat him a few times. When the cat dies, ALF generally feels pain and emotion. In return, the Tanners show affection towards him.

Throughout the series, ALF tries to make signals back to his home planet, and the series finale gives some hope that ALF may have found a way to go back home. Unfortunately, before his Marmackians can save him, the US military capture him. The TV movie, Project ALF, eventually resolves the matter, making ALF an ambassador to Earth.

ALF was a comedy, but it touched on both scientific theories and social experiments that showed those who watched that it was important to consider those who were unlike ourselves. ALF remains a staple in syndication and a cult favorite among those who loved the 80s. In addition to the television show and movie, there have been six video games, a comic book, songs and countless merchandise devoted to the series.

4 Seasons, 126 Episodes - Canceled
September 22, 1986
Science Fiction, Comedy
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Alf Full Episode Guide

  • All of the Tanners but ALF are nervous about Lynn moving in with her boyfriend.

  • ALF tries to go on a diet, but fails after he discovers he can find free food in the park.

  • ALF is astounded and morally outraged at the amounts of pollution a local company is producing.

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Remember Alf? He's Back....In Movie-Form (Well, He Will Be)

Alf is back! Alas, it's not in pog-form. Sony has signed up to bring the wisecracking, mangy alien who once called suburbia home to theaters as a CG/live-action feature. Yep, like "The Smurfs." Just like "The Smurfs."

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