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Series Length:6 Seasons, 112 Episodes
Schedule: Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on History Channel

American Restoration is a reality show that airs on the History Channel. It features the daily operations of a restoration business called Rick's Restorations, owned by Rick Dale. The shop is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and each episode features him taking on restorations of Americana items like old vending machines, vehicles, and different rare pieces. The show not only allows the viewer to learn about the restoration process, but also the history of the items.

Rick's business has been around for over 30 years and was first introduced on the popular show Pawn Stars when he was asked about the value of an item, and then later was asked to restore items purchased by the pawn shop. The show became a spin off shortly after it was featured.

There are many surprise appearances on the show from famous people. In the past guests Lance Burton, who is a famous magician and Greg Biffle, a NASCAR driver have brought items in. Other characters on the show that make regular appearances add to the fun. Rick's son, Tyler who is learning the ropes so he can take over the family business is a handful for his dad. There are many father-son moments involving Tyler, who is the typical teenager and Rick's frustration with him. Ron Dale is Rick's brother, and he is in charge of picking, which is finding items for restoration. Other employees that tend to provide comic relief are Kowboy, Brettly, Ted, Kyle, and Kelly who is Rick's wife. American Restoration has aired for four seasons and sixty-one episodes.

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Status: Currently Airing
Genre: Reality
Rating: 9.6/10
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  • The guys have their work cut out for them with a 1940s Boxing Bell. A client wants a vintage slot machine converted into a beer-pouring "Sloterator".

  • The team attempts to restore a 1920s Haunted House Car hat was damaged in Hurricane Sandy.

  • Rick Dale and his staff must return a 1962 mini-Corvette to its original beauty. Then, they tackle the issue of returning a 1950s coin-operated mustang ride back to working conditions.

  • Rick converts a 1960s Volkswagen Beetle into a child's bed inspired by the movie Herbie the Love Bug. Then, Rick bites off more than he can chew when he lets his straggly-bearded buddy, Caveman, crash in the boneyard.

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