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Beyblade: Metal Fusion is a spin-off of an earlier anime series simply called Beyblade. It is an animated show for children that centers around battles using customized tops called beys. Competitions and tournaments between individuals and teams make up the majority of the episodes. The remaining episodes focus on training or developing the connection between bladers and the spirits inside their beys.

The show's main character, Gingka Hagane, uses a Pegasus themed bey to defeat foes and recruit friends for his travels. He firmly believes in the spirit inherent in a blader and his or her bey. The strength of this spirit is used to strengthen attacks during combat. Gingka's friends travel and compete with him using their own beys. Some are fans of Gingka that wish to learn from their mentor while others are rivals wishing to defeat him in a friendly bout. Each of them uses their own spirit and strength for attacks unique to their own bey. A mechanical expert also travels with the group to repair beys and keep them in top fighting shape.

Each season the characters must grow and develop themselves and their beys to face down bigger challenges. In some instances, this means adding or changing the parts on their customizable beys. Other times new attacks are discovered or developed that allow a bey's spirit to accomplish more amazing feats. The foes that must be defeated grow in powers and ambitions as well. One uses a forbidden bey to advance their agenda. Another is attempting to collect a Star Fragment that fell from space to revive the god of Destruction and destroy the world.

Battles in the show take place in many arenas and environments. Many matches take place in similar bowl-shaped fields. The materials and locations of the fields varies with each quest and foe. Fields are made of metal, plastic, or stone. The locations of the fields help to define each episode. Tournament arenas, mountainous cliffs, green pastures, and a beyblade club are among the many backdrops used for combat.

The adventures and lives of the characters in Beyblade: Metal Fusion feature many hardships and challenges. Persistence and determination feature as underlying themes through the episodes. The importance of friendship and loyalty also play a significant role.

Cartoon Network
5 Seasons, 207 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
June 26, 2010
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