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For a family oriented television series. Bonanza may be of interest to you. The show is at times funny and other times dramatic. A definite G rating makes it perfect for the whole family to enjoy. The time frame the show takes place is during the Civil war and post Civil war. Located near Virginia City, Nevada is a large ranch known as the Ponderosa. It is owned by Ben Cartwright. In the series Ben Cartwright is a single father with three sons. Adam Cartwright is the oldest. Followed by Hoss Cartwright and Little Joe Cartwright.

Each episode focuses on a specific issue. Sometimes the issue may be of inter-personal relationships involving the family. A prospective romance in the making, sibling rivalry or rebellion against family traditions usually can make for an interesting show.

However, some of the episodes' are not focused on family issues but rather community issues. How a community can pull together in the midst of crisis. Many times the pulling together is preceded by a division in the community. The crisis many times can still be viewed today in society as we know it.

Issues at hand may be with an unfair justice system. A man falsely accused. Somebody's greed that threatens the safety and security of the community. These are a sample of some of the issues that may be posed in the show. During the 50 minutes, the approximate time of each episode, struggles of personal and community values may be challenged but in the end conflicts are resolved bring all closer together.

Just as in life today times of crisis may be challenging. We may still find time to grin and laugh at the amusing things that life may bring us. In this series you will find yourself doing the same exact thing. Enjoying entertainment whether alone, with a friend or with family.

14 Seasons, 431 Episodes - Canceled
September 12, 1959
Action & Adventure
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Bonanza Full Episode Guide

  • Bill Tanner, posing as a soldier he had killer earlier, is searching like a predator with Joe and his wagon stocked with goods as his prey. Waking one morning, Joe discovers his goods have been stolen from the wagon and that Bill is now using this as motivation for a good game of cat and mouse...providing more excitement for Bill and his hunt.

  • Griff posses as Theodora Duffy, the "wife" of a government agent in order to nab a group of wanted war criminals.

  • Candy is arrested after a man posses as him while robbing an old woman, causing her to suffer a heart attack. His fate is in the hands of a confident, yet inexperienced attorney.

  • Jamie falls in love with the abused wife of a highly unpopular schoolmaster of Virginia City.

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