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Elliot Moose is a children's television series half animated and half real life shots, just as the lives of children are half reality and half fantasy. This show combines both views of the world of children. This series is based on the children's books which were originally written by Andrea Beck. They are about a moose who shares his adventures in life with his friends.

Children live in a world of reality as they grow up and learn how the world works and how to behave in the world. They also live in fantasy when they play. Pretend is as real to children as reality sometimes.

1 Season, 26 Episodes
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Elliot Moose Full Episode Guide

  • Live Action - An attempt to cheer up Elliot goes wrong when his friends end up sad too! But a little kindness goes a long way in helping everyone feel happy again. / Animation - Sir Lionel Topcat invites Detective Elliot and Dr. Sockson for a quick snack at Topcat Manor. To Lionels dismay all the cheese is missing. It doesnt take long for Detective Elliot to discover that the cheese thief is no one but the infamous Professor Mousiarty. / Animation - Prince Elliot rescues Sleeping Socks from the evil Mousputins sleeping spell. / Live Action - Whoo whoo! Engineer Elliot needs a caboose for his own toy train. Socks will trade him her caboose, but first, Elliot must find something to share! What will he find and who will share with him?

  • Live Action - What do you get when you eat a lot of bananas? A tummy ache of course! Lionel, Beaverton and Elliot help Socks realize that eating too much of anything, even bananas, isnt good for anyone. / Animation - When Captain Elliot Moosebeard and his crew happen upon an island entirely made of candy they couldnt be happier, until they all get tummy aches. Little do they know that its all an evil plot from Sir Mousey MacPilfer to take their ship the Playaround away from them. / Animation - Mong The Mousenificent and his henchmen the Space Monkeys, steal all the spinach for Amys space spinach pies. Luckily Captain Elliot Mooseter and Rocket Socks come to save the day. / Live Action - Chef Elliot and Chef Socks are cooking something up. They think its Mapleberry Pie, but its a big mess! Socks must tell Elliot the truth about his pie when he offers her a big bite!

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