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Series Length:1 Season, 7 Episodes
Network: NBC

There are not often seen volcanoes and streaming rivers in Chile and the breathtaking backcountry of Alaska with the Teton Gravity Research team. Silver medalist in the olympics Danny Kass takes the world-class collection of snowboarders that compete in professional rail jam events.

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Genre: Sports
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  • The Jeep World of Adventure is back and this episode features an extreme triathlon, skydiving, and Olympic gold medallist Shaun White in the World Superpipe Snowboarding Championships. The Newton Triathlon is a challenge for individuals and teams alike as athletes see how much ground (and water) they can cover in 24 straight hours of competition. Next, check out the National Skydiving Championships as 1000 of the best aerial athletes put on a thrilling and visually stunning show. Then, we head to the snow for the World Superpipe Championships where Shaun White attempts to prove why he is America's snowboarding golden boy. Plus, the team from Teton Gravity Research takes us to Aspen to give us a behind the scenes tour of what goes into designing and building a World-Class Terrain Park.

  • "The latest action packed Jeep show features an attempt to break the land speed record, ice climbing, mountain biking, and skiing. First off, take a trip to Bonneville, Utah to see if Kimberly Kelly can set the land speed record on her Honda Goldwing. Then hop over the pond to Sweden to see ice climbing in abandoned gold and silver mines. Next, check out some mountain biking in Whistler, British Colombia and learn about the city's commitment to preserving the environment. Finally, the Teton Gravity Research Team straps on their skis and tackles some of the steepest first descents in North America. It's all on this episode episode of the Jeep World of Adventure."

  • This action packed Jeep show includes adventures from all over the globe: biking in Canada, kayaking in Asia, surfing in Australia, and from New York City, the art of Parkour. Red Bull athletes Aaron Chase and Kyle Strait head out to Ymir, British Colombia to carve out a unique dirt bike course for some free-riding action ... the project name - "Red Bull Snake Pit". Then it's a look at Montana-born kayaker, Brad Ludden, as he and fellow kayakers attempt First Descents in the wild rivers on isolated islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Next, surfer Yadin Nicol and his arsenal of big aerials and power turns ride the waves of Western Australia, and the rest of the surfing world is starting to take notice. Lastly, travel through the island of Manhattan, via the art of Parkour - a distinctive form of overcoming any physical obstacle, using only the possibilities of the human body. It's all contained within this episode of the Jeep World of Adventure.

  • Adventures featuring typhoon surfing, bouldering, and long distance endurance running. Our 4th show of 2007 kicks off with the Red Bull mission entitled Tai Fu. From July to September each year, Japan lives in fear of typhoons (Tai Fu) that are capable of taking lives and devastating coastlines. When a typhoon strikes, citizens are sent running for safety, but for big-wave veterans Ross Clarke-Jones, Ian Walsh, Carlos Burle and others, the chance to ride the waves of a massive typhoon is the only thing on their minds. Also, join us in Bishop, California with Lisa Rands, as she explores "high-ball bouldering" on the Buttermilk Boulders in the area. Lisa is the first woman to climb some of the scariest boulders in North America, without the protection of a rope. And finally, witness The Western States 100 - one of the oldest, ultra trail, endurance runs in the world. The one day, 100-mile race is an extreme mental and physical challenge for each runner as they traverse the terrain of the Squaw Valley floor and Emigrant Pass, attempting to reach the finish in Auburn, California. While beautiful, the trail is relentless in its challenges and unforgiving to the ill-prepared.

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