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Jewel in the Palace, also known as Dae Jang Geum, is a historical fiction drama series created by Kim Yeong-Hyeon and directed by Kim Keun Hong. This South Korean series can be seen regularly on MBC, and stars Lee Young Ae, Ji Jin-Hee, Jung Sook Park, Hong Ri-Na, and Im Ho.

The series follows the life of a young orphan, played by Lee Young Ae. The story follows the young orphan as she transitions from a lowly kitchen worker to become the king's first female doctor. The events depicted in this series are based on the true life events of Jang Guem, who rose up to become the first female physician during the age of the Joseon Dynasty.

During this time in history, women had few rights, few opportunities for education, and little chance to escape their predetermined domestic life. Jang Geum uses every experience in her life to educate herself. As she works in the king's kitchen, she studies the science of cooking, developing holistic home remedies for the king's wounds and sicknesses.

Jang Geum embodies the hope and perseverance of a generation of voiceless women. Jang Geum persists in her learning, perfecting her culinary talents, while using her knowledge to create cures for the king's aches and pains. She becomes third in power ranking to the king, a feat unheard of during her time.

Jewel in the Palace had its first worldwide debut in 2003, after becoming a popular South Korean series. In the US, Jewel in the Palace can be watched on AZN Television. The series airs on KBFD in Hawaii, and on Chicago's WOCH-CA.

1 Season, 54 Episodes - Canceled
October 15, 2003
Korean Drama
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Jewel in the Palace Full Episode Guide

  • Jang Geum makes the shocking suggestion to perform surgery on the King. Jang Geum is reunited with Min Jung Ho before being sent away from the palace.

  • Min Jung Ho explains to the King Jang Geum's unwavering devotion to her calling in medicine. Jang Geum is summoned to be inaugurated as a concubine.

  • The King makes the controversial decision to name Jang Geum as his main physician and medicine general. The King's growing friendship with Jang Geum causes Min Jung Ho concern.

  • Jang Geum discovers that there is a contagious illness among the villagers. Meanwhile, the Queen bereaves the suffering of her sick son.

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