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Who isn't familiar with the epic talents of Vicki Lawrence? Singer, actress and comedian, her performances entertain and amaze audiences all over the world. Many tend to immediately identify Lawrence's name with that of Carol Burnett, however, the reason being is because of the iconic character of Mama, otherwise known as Thelma Harper. Thelma got her following from foiling her daughter, Eunice's high expectations of fame and fortune.

No one suspected when the character of Mama made her first appearance on the ‘Carol Burnett Show' the following would be so sensational that a separate series that found such success would quickly follow; however, that's exactly what happened. True to the formula that made Mama such a beloved character, Vicki Lawrence remained faithful to the character she had developed, which led to an entirely new fan base when ‘Mama's Family' found its niche. Despite the fact that the show left the air after one season, it was soon a success when it returned with a new formulation and a couple of additional characters.

The main character is, of course, Thelma, otherwise lovingly known as Mama. Initially, Mama and her sister, Fran shared the house that Mama was left when her husband died. However, the house suddenly becomes full as Mama's youngest child, Vint, moves back in after losing his home in a divorce and brings his two children, Buzz and Sonya with him. While this is frustrating enough to Mama and most definitely Fran, add to the mix Vint's new wife, Naomi, who was the next door neighbor that Mama detests.

The show went through a revamping that found a great deal of success when the show transitioned after Fran's death and the cast changed to include Eunice's youngest son, Bubba and Thelma's best friend and nosy next door neighbor Iola. Gone were Sonya and Buzz, however, Vint and Naomi could still be counted on to keep Mama on her toes.

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  • In the series finale, Naomi go into labor and Mama has to deliver the Harper's newest family member.

  • Vint and Naomi finally get their own place, but it's far from what Mama or the family was hoping for, they buy a run down motor home. They plan to fix it up and move to the trailer park out on Route 5. While Mama plans a fancy luncheon to earn a spot in a high-standing social group and Bubba gets the lead in a play his fratermity is taking part in. Bubba's lead role though forces him to dress like a girl.Mama decides to have the party in the backyard, The Dames arrive early though, and Mama forces Vint and Naomi to stay in the motor home. Telling the dames she's gonna fix it up and give it to charity. She then tells the Dames Iola is her maid. But problem is things quickly go from bad to worse.First her planned dinner of BBQ chicken wings is frowned upon by the Dames, so Mama changes it to blackened meat loaf. Then Vint and Naomi's trailer starts shaking and Mama fears the worse (Vint was trying to gimmy the leg back into the broken table). Then Bubba shows up in his dress and says h

  • Mama and Iola are trying to figure out ways to get more men to come to the senior singles mixer, and Naomi mentions making a flyer to do a little advertising. Mama and Iola think that's a great idea and go about making the flyer.Meanwhile, Bubba is taking pictures for his creative photography class, and Mama suggests he set up a shoot to take pictures of all of them. Iola explains why she is camera shy,(seems her father fell over Ray Falls trying to get Mother Boylen in a single picture and after her Mother saved him, she ended up winning the wet t-shirt contest at the lodge). Bubba gets everyone's pictures taken, including Melanie in a skimpy bathing suit.Mama finally strikes upon the idea of putting her picture on the singles flyer. While Bubba has Mama's head super-imposed on Melanie's body and wants to have it blown up into a poster as a joke. They both send Vint to RayRrint to get them done and he gets them mixed up.Mama and Iola discover Vint's screw-up after they arrive at th

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