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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue is an action packed television show that conveys a constant battle and struggle between the forces of good and evil. In this battle, you have a set of brave warriors, known as Power Rangers, who sacrifice to protect what is good and pure. These Rangers wage a constant war with the likes of monsters and demons that attempt to make constant destructive advances on the city in which they reside. But in usual super heroic fashion, the Rangers fight against what is evil and ultimately good prevails.

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue is one of the many shows part of the Power Rangers television franchise. The Lightspeed Rescue series is the eighth season of the Power Rangers television franchise. As with most Power Rangers television shows, the conventional set up features a group of heroes who are set in place to protect against attacks from villains. In the Lightspeed series, the main heroes are a set of six rangers that are identified by individual color coding. This association by color is a consistent theme of the Power Rangers television franchise. These heroes consist of red, blue, green, pink, yellow and titanium Lightspeed Rangers.

The show takes place in a city called Mariner Bay, California, which is fictional. The city was built on ancient demon burial grounds and when the demons are woken up and released from their tombs, they threaten to destroy the city. This leads to the recruitment of the Power Rangers.

The Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue show first aired on February 12 of 2000. It was produced by the Toei Company and Saban Entertainment. It was nationally broadcasted in the United States through the FOX network on FOX Kids with a thirty minute run time.

1 Season, 40 Episodes
February 12, 2000
Action & Adventure
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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Full Episode Guide

  • Joel, Dana, Chad, and Kelsey, along with Miss F and the Captain, narrowly escape their crumbling Aquabase onto their submarine. Once they emerge from the sea, the Rangers observe Ryan and Carter destroying the Megazord that Jinxer has stolen. Meanwhile, the Queen has transported her large sarcophagus that connects to the Shadow-world into the middle of the city and has begun to call forth the demons. Catching the Queen in the midst of her plan, Red Ranger tackles her resulting in both falling into the sarcophagus. To the Rangers' horror, they spot Carter hanging on the lower ledge of the Sarcophagus, and the Queen threatening to drag him down with her to the Shadow-world. From the depths of the Shadow-world, Diabolico's vengeful spirit appears and strikes the Queen with his staff, sending her spiraling into the flames. Just as the teens celebrate their victory, they are called back into duty as a fire truck with its sirens wailing blazes by them.

  • Jinxer secretly implants a device on the Rangers' Lifeforce Megazord, which results in scattering menacing Battlings throughout the Lightspeed Aquabase. With the Rangers' home base overtaken by the Battlings, Jinxer steals the Lifeforce Megazord to destroy the Rangers' shelter, trapping the Ranger team, except for Ryan and Carter, in a room that is leaking water. Meanwhile, Carter and Ryan attempt to thwart Queen Bansheera's evil plan to use the monsters from the Shadow-world to take over Mariner Bay. However, just as they confront her, she blasts them away, sending them free falling from The Skull Cavern. With all the Rangers out of commission, the people of the city are left undefended.

  • Miss F is trying to harness the Rangers' life energy to power the strongest weapon they have thus far, but to no avail. In the meantime, Olympius and Diabolico meet again and a battle between them ensues. Diabolico is defeated by Olympius and is transformed into a zombie. Both Olympius and Diabolico commence in destroying the city, creating the biggest explosions the city has ever seen. When Diabolico awakens from his trance, he and Olympius embark in a duel, which results in both monsters exploding. But when the Queen resurrects them, transforming them into Dragon Olympius and Super Diabolico, the Rangers' only hope is the Lifeforce Megazord! The Pink and Yellow Rangers bring the device to Lifeforce Level Three, and the amazing energy flow is enough to defeat the two monsters. With all of her warriors destroyed, the Queen is left to do her own bidding.

  • Vypra is summoned to Queen Bansheera's chamber. Frustrated with Vypra's failures, Bansheera absorbs Vypra's life energy, killing her and restoring Queen Bansheera's full body in the process. Loki, one of Queen Bansheera's minions, lures the Rangers, except for Carter, to the stadium where he and Diabolico plan to destroy them. When the Rangers, Loki and Diabolico arrive, all of them are transported to The Skull Cavern, where the Queen is awaiting them. Determined to obliterate the Rangers, the Queen forces Diabolico to shoot blasters at them, accidentally killing his friend Loki in the process. Distraught over the loss of his friend, Diabolico vows never to serve evil again and helps the Rangers defeat the Queen. But when the Rangers believe that they finally defeated their greatest foe, the Queen reappears and begins destroying the city. Confronted by the Rangers once again, the Queen disappears in a blast of light. The Rangers will soon learn the true magnificence of her power...

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