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Series Length:1 Season, 40 Episodes
Network: Saban

Cole Evans spent many years with a tribe deep in the jungle after being abandoned as an infant. He now faces trying to find his destiny in the small town of Turtle Cove. He then finds a place thought to be a fantasy called the Animarium where he teams up with four others who all trying to see if they are going to be the new leader of the Power Rangers Wild Force team. Each of them given special powers to help keep Earth safe from evil.

The Animarium is a large island in the shape of a turtle that floats high in the sky. The wild Zords live there as well as Princess Shayla who becomes the Power Rangers Mentor. There the power rangers travel back and forth to the Earth to either train, or seek advice from the princess. The form of transportation between the island and the planet Earth is the famous power ranger teleportation that has been used in other seasons.

Cole who has a love for all animals is shocked to find out the enemies they were fighting were heartless monsters. The rangers all use their special powers to battle the Orgs who are lead by Master Org.

Cole finds out that he as child was presumed dead after the death of his parents. They were once scientists from turtle cove and were sent out to the jungle on a job. When they went out to work they had a companion they were friends with who was jealous and vengeful with Cole's father who had proposed to his mother before he had a chance to.

When they found the remains of Master Org the man consumed his powers to get revenge on Cole's father but he began to go insane and instead of only killing his father also killed cole's mother.

Later on Cole who is a Red Ranger has to team up with the other red rangers before him to stop the generals from the Machine Empire from recovering Serpantina from the moon and reactivating it. Serpantina is actually the zord of Lord Zedd of the Machine Empire. The nine red rangers that were once before him were Jason, Aurico,Tommy, Theodore, Jarvis, Andros, Leo, Carter, Wesley, and Eric. All ten team up to make sure that Serpantina is never recovered and the safety of the planet remains.

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  • Rain pounds down as an army of Putrids continues its assault on the city. The powerful Org vines creep across Turtle Cove, strangling the life out of all vegetation. Meanwhile, the Animarium plummets uncontrollably to the Earth. The Teens and Princess Shayla grab onto anything they can to brace themselves as the floating island crash lands in the center of the city, directly on top of Turtle Lake. When the Teens recover from the impact, they look up to see the giant Master Org stalking through the city. Even though they are without Zords and powerless, the Teens agree that they must protect the Earth at all costs. They chase after Master Org, fighting through the army of Putrids the entire way. Suddenly, Cole hears the sound of a child crying. He looks up and sees a little boy stuck on a balcony several stories up. A legion of Putrids is ascending a staircase, heading towards him. It's a seemingly hopeless situation, but just then, Cole's jungle instincts begin to take over. He rips off his shirt, grabs onto an Org vine, and swings himself up the building, landing on the little boy's balcony. Just as the Putrids arrive, Cole picks up the child and swings down to safety. Inspired by Cole's act of heroism, the other Teens, battered from their battle with the Putrids, pick themselves up and follow Cole as he swings off in pursuit of Master Org. The Teens make it to a rooftop where they're able to square off face to face with Master Org. Knowing that they're powerless against him, Master Org toys with the Teens. As the Org giant prepares to destroy the Teens, they stand up to him defiantly, saying that they're still Guardians of the Earth, with or without their powers, and that they'll continue fighting with every last breath. Suddenly, bright orbs of light illuminate the dark sky. They swirl all around Master Org, and chase the Putrids through the streets, zapping them into oblivion and causing the sun to come out again. The orb

  • The teens and the Princess throw a victory party in the Animarium realizing that their long-fought battle is finally over. They take some time to reflect with sadness upon their time together and realize that their days as a team are over, and it's time to move on with their lives. Without warning, evil vines begin to grow around the city of Turtle Cove strangling the life out of the vegetation they touch. The Teens are shocked to find the source of it - Master Org. His metamorphosis complete, Master Org is more powerful than ever with a new body, which he uses to effortlessly beat the Power Rangers. As he grows giant sized, Animus arrives to do battle with him. Merrick joins Animus in his battle with his Predazord but Master Org is far too powerful for them and destroys both Megazords, destroying Merrick's Zords and Lunar Wolf powers, and severely injuring Animus, turning him back into his avatar - Kite. Merrick takes Kite and retreats with the other Rangers onto the Animarium in the sky, with Master Org in pursuit. In the Temple, Kite offers some last words of encouragement and fades away into light leaving the Rangers to fight Master Org on their own. Master Org arrives on the Animarium and starts destroying the Wild Zords one by one. Unwilling to give up, the Rangers and the remaining Wild Zords fight with all they've got against Master Org to protect the Animarium, but are not enough. Master Org destroys all the Wild Zords and the Rangers' powers, before crippling the Animarium, sending it plummeting back down to Earth. Master Org arrives back in the city and turns day into night. Rain falls down from the sky, making the Org vines grow even more and worsening the plight of nature, as Master Org walks through the city unopposed.

  • As Jindrax and Toxica catch up, Jindrax tells her that Master Org is back and has captured the Princess. Toxica realizes that Master Org is after the Princess' necklace because of the great power it holds. She tells Jindrax that with the power of the necklace, they'll never be safe from Master Org. Meanwhile, the Rangers search by ground and air for the hidden Nexus, where they hope to find the Princess. In the Nexus, the Princess tries to convince Master Org that he once had good in him and can still be redeemed, but to no avail. As the Teens continue their search, they're surprised to come across Jindrax and Toxica, who tell them that they've come to help them rescue the Princess. The Teens are suspicious, but realize they have no other leads. Toxica tells them that the Nexus is a maze that only Orgs can navigate, and that Master Org put up a force field to hide the Nexus and prevent anyone from rescuing the Princess. The force field is generated by three statues. Once they're destroyed, Jindrax and Toxica can enter the Nexus and rescue the Princess. Meanwhile, Master Org sets his plan in motion, charging the Org Heart with the power of the Princess' necklace, and the Org Spirit Gate. The Rangers split up and search for the three generator statues, but are surprised when the ghosts of the defeated Org Generals, Nayzor, Mandilok, and Retinax appear to defend them. In the Nexus, Master Org takes the powered up Org Heart and swallows it where it glows red, beating in his chest. The battle is tough, and the Rangers are finally able to destroy the generator statues, but the Ghost Generals still remain. As the force field disappears, Jindrax and Toxica quietly sneak into the Nexus that has begun to shake and crumble. Master Org continues to sit in a trance, oblivious to all that's going on around him. Jindrax and Toxica finally locate the Princess and break her out of her prison cell. As they race to escape, they enter the main chamber of

  • In the Nexus, Master Org prepares for something diabolical as he places a strange artifact, the "Org Heart" on an altar. Meanwhile, Jindrax, hiding from Master Org in an abandoned warehouse, grips Nayzor's mirror tightly, wishing Toxica were still with him. Suddenly, a voice echoes from deep within the mirror. It's Toxica communicating with Jindrax from the spirit world. She tells him that the power that sent her there can bring her back, adding that she's counting on him. Jindrax stands up with a new sense of purpose, determined not to let Toxica down. He remembers that it was the Rangers' Jungle Blaster that destroyed her, and realizes he needs to find a way for the Rangers to use it again so he can power up Toxica's horn and rescue her. Before he can do that, Jindrax figures that he needs more equipment to enact his plan and heads off to a sporting goods store to buy a fishing rod and reel. Back in the Temple Ruins, as the Teens discuss how to find and rescue Princess Shayla, the pond bubbles signifying the presence of a new Org. The Rangers arrive on the scene and confront the Locomotive Org. Seeing the Rangers occupied with another Org, Jindrax is relieved that he doesn't need to fight them himself in order to power up Toxica's horn, but becomes worried again as the Locomotive Org appears to be winning the battle. The Rangers are helpless against the powerful Org, and Jindrax realizes there's only one thing he can do...he attacks the Locomotive Org himself, holding it back, and begging the Rangers to finish it off. The Rangers seize the opportunity and form the Jungle Blaster. As the blast is fired at the Org, Jindrax thrusts Toxica's severed horn into its path, powering it up. The Rangers thank Jindrax for his help, but he tells them he was only helping himself and tosses magic beans at the destroyed Locomotive Org, making it grow. The Rangers call upon the Wild Force Megazord to battle the giant Org as Jin

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