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Quincy M.E. is an American crime drama that crosses over into the medical genre because the show focuses on the work of a medical examiner in the Los Angeles Coroner's Office. Created by prolific television producer Glen A. Larson with Lou Shaw the show features Jack Klugman as the character of Quincy, the first name of Quincy is never revealed in the run of the show. Quincy M.E. was a ratings success for America's NBC network during its seven season, 148 episode run from 1976 to 1983 that focused on the cases investigated by Quincy and touched on the private life of the Medical Examiner.

Each episode of Quincy M.E. was based on a simple formula that was similar in each episode. Episodes begin with the death of a person that is quickly explained away by the police and medical authorities; Quincy does not accept the explanation given by the authorities and decides to investigate the death himself. During his investigations Quincy often faces opposition to his investigation into the death from members of the LAPD and his colleagues in the L.A. Coroner's Office. Quincy slowly begins to suspect a friend or family member of the deceased and then proves they are a murderer.

Beginning its on air life as a series of made for TV movies Quincy M.E. was quickly successful and saw its run altered to a 60 minute format. In later series the focus of the show changed to explain more about the private life of Quincy and included episodes based on Quincy getting married and moving in with his new wife. The show also developed a social conscience that saw episodes begin to explain some of the major social issues of the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Quincy M.E. was based on a number of different characters, including famous L.A. coroner Thomas Noguchi who featured regularly in news items during the 1970s. Jack Klugman, who portrayed Quincy was famous for his role in the TV version of The Odd Couple.

8 Seasons, 148 Episodes - Canceled
October 3, 1976
Drama, Mystery
Quincy, M.E.
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  • An industrial accident causes a young father to lose an arm. When the arm is found, the man is brought to Experiment Hope, a top technological facility which has the ability to reattach a missing limb.

  • The death of half of a famous entertainment team that Quincy used to admire as a youth, has him on a search to find the other half of the team.

  • Quincy is determined to find the attacker of an old woman who was brutalized inside her own apartment. But things change when he is mugged on the way out one day, causing Quincy to suddenly fear being attacked again.

  • When a young boy died who was living in a foster home, Quincy is asked to do an autopsy in hopes of finding enough proof to get the home closed down. In the meantime, a qualified therapist is asked to stay at the home and help fix any problems that may arise between the kids and the foster parents.

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