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The Summer Olympics come once every four years, and are held in a different city each time. The best athletes from around the world arrive to compete in their chosen sports. Many of the competitors have trained for years for their shot at Olympic glory. Each athlete attempts to bring home either a gold, silver or bronze medal for a first, second or third place finish in their event. It is prestigious to win these medals; other awards and endorsements often accompany them.

The 2012 Summer Olympics were held in London, England and broadcast on television to the 205 participating countries. More than 300 events over the 17 day schedule were covered. MSNBC, NBCSN and NBC won the rights to provide television coverage of the Olympics in the United States. This all-day coverage began on Wednesday, July 25 with the airing of six different women's soccer games. Opening ceremony coverage was provided by NBC on Friday, July 27, and closing ceremony coverage was aired by NBC on Sunday, August 12.

Some of the more popular events that were offered to television viewers were swimming, track and field, wrestling, weightlifting, gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, boxing, rowing, cycling, tennis, wrestling and diving. Lesser known events aired included badminton, shooting, fencing, women's handball, water polo, table tennis, equestrian and archery. Viewers could watch any one of these events, depending upon their individual interests.

In many of the sports, qualifying rounds were held to determine which athletes to send to the next round of competition. Many of the rounds were broadcast, and provided much excitement for television viewers, almost as much as the final gold medal round in each event. Naturally, only the best athletes could make it to that round. For example, Usain Bolt made it to the final in the men's 100 meters in track and field. He won that race, which NBC aired, and was proclaimed the world's fastest human.

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July 27, 2012
The 2012 Summer Olympics
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  • The 2012 Summer Olympics comes to a close in London, England.

  • Events include Basketball, Boxing, Cycling, Handball, Modern Pentathlon, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Track & Field, Volleyball, Water Polo, and Wrestling.

  • Events include Basketball, Boxing, Canoe/Kayak, Cycling, Diving, Field Hockey, Handball, Modern Pentathlon, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Sailing, Taekwondo, Track & Field, Volleyball, and Wrestling.

  • Events include Basketball, Boxing, Canoe/Kayak, Cycling, Diving, Field Hockey, Handball, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Sailing, Soccer, Swimming, Synchronized Swimming, Taekwondo, Track & Field, Volleyball, Water Polo, and Wrestling.

The 2012 Summer Olympics News

Rio Promises Sexy Olympics Opening Ceremony

Rio isn't spending a lot of money on its opening ceremony, but it's doing what it does best: giving the audience hot music, skimpy costumes and plenty of sexy fun.

Olympian Ryan Lochte Tells British Royal, 'Watch Every Move You Make'

Crazy things happen when you party naked. Hence, Olympic gold-medalist swimmer Ryan Lochte kept some clothes on when meeting England's Prince Harry in Las Vegas recently. Still, Lochte offered the Prince a suggestion: "Watch every move you make."

Oprah's Stylist To Make Over Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas' Hair

Come on, folks. How much can we all keep talking about hair instead of what an amazing athlete Gabby Douglas is? The history-making 16 year old gymnast has apparently heard enough herself: she's hired a top celebrity stylist to touch up her famous (for such wrong reasons) coif.

Bowie, Stones, Sex Pistols Snubbed London Olympics Offer

Listen to your gut, kids. Three British-born Rock and Roll Hall of Famers passed up overtures to perform at Sunday's Summer Olympics Closing Ceremonies in London. The Who passed twice before caving. The result? NBC preempting their live performance to preview a new fall sitcom.

NBC Olympic Flubs Continue With Closing Ceremony Cut-Away

Well, if the IOC doesn't care about viewer complaints, why should NBC? Putting the turd atop the sundae of 2012 Summer Olympics programming fail, the network edited and truncated Sunday night's Closing Ceremonies in favor of previewing a fall sitcom. Twitter was angered.

Spice Girls and Others Set for Olympics Closing Ceremony

Music will be a major theme of the Olympics Closing Ceremony, as the Spice Girls, Muse, the Pet Shop Boys, One Direction and members of Queen have all been spotted going to rehearsals.

Olympic Gymnast Louis Smith: Bronze Medal....Golden 'X Factor' Voice?

It's never a bad thing to have a back-up plan. British Olympic gymnast Louis Smith sure may have one. Before vying for gymnastics gold in London, he made a 2009 run at the television stardom on the U.K.'s "The X Factor."

Dr. Dre's 'Beats By Dre' Marketing Raises Olympic Ire

There are clearly some disconnects between rules and reality of Olympic competition. The trend of the 2012 Summer Olympics has been the IOC's crackdowns on social media and quiet marketing campaigns. But is there something hypocritical in the IOC's approach to protecting its interest?

You Won't Believe How Much Paul McCartney Made for His Olympics Performance

We have seen some pretty big paydays for musicians over the years when they perform at big events, but Paul McCartney's payment for his performance at the Olympics Opening Ceremony was truly shocking. How much did he make? Find out here.

NBC Fail: Olympics Opening Ceremony Segment Honoring Terror Victims Cut from Broadcast

In a year in which it's already getting criticized for its broadcast practices, NBC has failed yet again by cutting out a piece of the opening ceremony at the Olympics... a piece that was intended to honor victims of the terrorist attack in London. Watch it here.

Video: The Best Moments of the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony

How did London's Opening Ceremony for the 2012 Summer Olympics compare to the ceremony in Beijing? Check out video highlights here and see for yourself!

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