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The Bionic Woman was an American adventure thriller series that ran for three seasons as a spin-off of the better known Six Million Dollar Man. Debuting in 1976 The Bionic Woman told the story of Jaime Sommers, played by Lindsay Wagner a professional sportsperson who first appeared in an episode of the Six Million Dollar Man as a former girlfriend of Steve Austin, played by Lee Majors. Although the character of Jaime Sommers dies at the end of the Six Million Dollar Man story the character was revived the following year in a show of her own.

Debuting on the American network ABC in 1976 the show continued the story of Jaime Sommers who fell to Earth in a skydiving accident before being rebuilt with mechanical body parts by doctors of the Office of Scientific Intelligence. OSI officials are revealed to have cryogenically frozen Sommers in order to remove a tumor from her brain and save her life; bionic man Steve Austin believes Sommers is dead and is mourning her passing. In a number of crossover episodes Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers are reunited to fight crime, although Sommers has no memory of their former friendship before her tumor was removed.

Living in California and working as a school teacher sees Sommers having to live a double life as an agent for OSI often going undercover to spoil the plans of criminal masterminds. The Bionic Woman works for the same doctors and OSI handlers who handle Steve Austin and their stories often intertwine; some stories begin on The Bionic Woman and transfer over to The Six Million Dollar Man. Following the cancellation of The Bionic Woman by ABC the show transferred to NBC and saw some characters introduced to fill the void left by Steve Austin not transferring networks with Jaime Sommers. The final episode of The Bionic Woman entitled On The Run ties up the majority of the stories and lets fans know what the future holds for The Bionic Woman.

2 Seasons, 32 Episodes
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  • Jaime masquerades as a bank robber to capture the leaders of a big-time theft racket, but in doing so is blackmailed into participating in a robbery by "Inky," a sympathetic character and petty thief Jaime is attempting to reform.

  • Jaime goes undercover as a salvage crew member to investigate the discovery of a skeleton bearing Oscar's brother's dog tags.

  • Jaime is frightened by a snarling, strangely illuminated Indian burial demon that confronts her while she is visiting the ranch of an Indian lore expert.

  • Jaime travels to Paris with an art forger to trap a master criminal and recover missing valuable paintings from him.

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