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About A Boy is an American TV version of the British movie of the same name starring Hugh Grant and Toni Collette. About A Boy, the TV show, starts like the movie with a single mother with one son moving next door to a lazy young man. The young man is lazy because a song that he wrote was a Top Ten hit. The young man develops a relationship with the son. The unmarried mother can't stand the young man and most of the show is related to their conflicting personalities.

There are some differences between the TV show and the movie. The TV show takes place in San Francisco. There is a dumb waiter that connects their apartments. The young man is an American and does appear to have some adult friends. There are some similarities. The unmarried mother is still British. The son is still kind of weird and needs to loosen up. The young man learns from his relationship with the son.

2 Seasons, 33 Episodes
February 22, 2014
Cast: David Walton, Benjamin Stockham, Al Madrigal, Minnie Driver
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About a Boy Full Episode Guide

  • Marcus is reeling after his breakup with Shea, and Will and Fiona have opposing theories and methods of how to help him get over his first great heartbreak. It all comes to a head at the dance where Marcus very publically tries to win Shea back. And Liz, frustrated with Will's attachment to Fiona and Marcus, finally breaks up with Will. Will blames Fiona for everything. And after a huge argument Will and Fiona end up kissing.

  • When a fight leads Andy and Laurie to separate vacations, Will struggles to handle an out of control Andy in Las Vegas while Fiona works to patch Laurie and Andy's marriage. Meanwhile, Marcus tries to get his hands on a novel that he believes is the key to his relationship with Shea.

  • Will is riding the emotional high of his budding romance with Liz the bartender. His high however runs in direct contrast to Fiona's emotional low after her breakup with Mr. Chris. Out of solidarity, Will pledges his complete emotional support to Fiona during what turns out to be a day-long mourning ritual. But when Liz invites Will to spend a few hours of free time with her on the same day, their first real date, Will is forced to juggle his commitment to both Fiona and Liz.

  • Just as Fiona is ready to deepen her relationship with Chris by telling him that she loves him, Will uncovers a secret about Chris that may change everything. At first he believes Chris is cheating on Fiona only to find out that he may be leaving town for a new job offer. Meanwhile, when Marcus discovers that having a girlfriend costs money, he ends up working for a very unlikely boss: Laurie.

  • Will and Fiona are surprised when Shea and Marcus become official. However, Shea's idea of a boyfriend translates closer to a personal assistant than a companion.

  • Will and TJ go on the prowl on Valentine's Day. Marcus tries to make things official with Shea.

  • Will starts teaching guitar lessons to earn extra cash. However, after a fling with his student's mom, Andy thinks Will is being paid for more than just his musical expertise.

  • After music mogul Johnny Idalis takes time to listen to Will's new song, he makes a suggestion; Marcus is frustrated with his mother's burgeoning relationship and leaves to crash with Will.

  • When Will discovers Andy was invited to music mogul Johnny Idalis' son's Bar Mitzah, he demands that Andy take him so that he can get publicity for his music. With a push from Shea, Marcus convinces Fiona to let him stay home alone while she is on a date with Chris.

  • To celebrate their first year of friendship, Marcus convinces Will to take him to the Golden Gate FemFest. Will tries to sneak them in backstage to fulfill Marcus' dreams of meeting Lisa Loeb, who is headlining the festival.

  • Will fails to enjoy the Christmas activities. With the lawsuit still pending, Laurie advises him to settle and move on with his life.

  • Anxious about her first real date with Mr. Chris, Fiona wants Dakota to accompany her as a wingman. Will ends up tagging along as well and tries to impress Dakota.

  • Marcus gets to play Romeo for a school production featuring Shakespeare scenes.

  • Will's ex-girlfriend Stacy sues him, claiming she co-wrote his song "Runaway Sleigh." Will hopes that Fiona can help to drop the lawsuit.

  • Marcus starts crushing on a girl who has a knack for trouble.

  • Despite her distaste for Halloween, Fiona attends Will's annual party. Will tries to show Marcus some Halloween fun.

  • Will is counseled to sell his home in San Francisco to fix his money problems.

  • In the second season premiere, Will returns to San Francisco to sort out his finances and gets roped into helping Andy find out if Laurie is pregnant.

  • Will contemplates a life-changing move to New York City to be with Dr. Sam, but how will he break the news to Marcus? Adrianne Palicki guest stars.

  • Sam is kicked out of her apartment and Will lets her stay with him.

  • Marcus is thrilled for his first ever big birthday party and Will has agreed to plan it. But a scheduling conflict with Sam could throw a wrench in the party planning.

  • Marcus is excited that his dad has a break from his penguin research in Antarctica to come and visit.

  • Will asks Sam to go to Andy and Laurie's game night, but things take a turn when she arrives.

  • Fiona volunteers in Marcus's classroom and embarrasses him when she chooses him to be the slopmaster of a mock economy.

  • Will throws a poker night for his friends, but the event is hijacked by Fiona, who has no problem making herself at home with the guys. Meanwhile, Marcus goes on his first sleepover, but has a hard time adjusting with his peers.

  • Marcus finally earns his own house key, but soon loses his right to have it when Will has to rush him to the emergency room following a knife accident.

  • Will must set Marcus straight when he suggests that Will and Fiona should start dating. Meanwhile, Fiona gets advice from Dakota to re-enter the dating scene, so she asks out her plumber.

  • Marcus seeks advice from Will on how he can get an invitation to Hannah's upcoming birthday party, which proves fruitless.

  • Andy considers Will for an important family matter. Will asks for help after a night out fails to meet expectations.

  • Will agrees to watch Marcus so Fiona can go on a job interview, but an unexpected invitation to a party throws a wrench in the situation.

  • After writing a hit song, Will Freeman (David Walton) was granted a life of free time, free love and freedom from financial woes. He is single, unemployed and loving it. But when Fiona (Minnie Driver), a needy, single mom and her oddly charming 11-year-old son, Marcus (Benjamin Stockham), move in next door, his perfect life is about to hit a major snag.

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