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The film entitled Friends with Benefits revolves around the adventures of two youngsters, Dylan and Jamie. Jamie is a young lady who works at a renowned agency in New York which specializes in recruitment. Dylan on the other hand is a guy who works at a small internet company in Los Angeles as an art director. Jamie applies to work for the same company as Dylan and arranges an interview for him. Dylan and Jamie meet for the very first time in the city of New York on the day of the interview and become very good friends. After the interview, Jamie tells him he has been given a job at GQ company but he is not happy about it as he does not want to relocate from Los Angeles.

Jamie then tries to convince him to accept the job, so she takes him around New York in the evening to many beautiful places. She also tells him the opportunities as well as benefits of living and working in a city like New York. After a long evening, Dylan finally agrees to take the job and move to new York. The next day Dylan starts working, and since the only person he knows in the city is Jamie, he spends most of his time with her and their friendship becomes stronger.

One day Dylan goes over to Jamie's apartment to pay her a visit. They spend a wonderful time together eating, watching movies, and during a discussion they decide to get more intimate with their friendship. However, a few days later Jamie tells Dylan she is no longer comfortable with their relationship and will prefer to end it.

Shortly after, Jamie starts dating Parker, but after a few dates, Parker breaks up with her. When Dylan finds out, he feels sorry for her and asks her to accompany him on a trip to California where he plans to visit his family. Jamie gladly accepts the offer and follows him to California.

Dylan and Jamie reconcile and start their relationship all over again but due to series of misunderstandings they break up many times again. At the end however, they realize what they feel for each other is real and decide to have a true relationship.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
August 5, 2011
Cast: Ryan Hansen
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Friends with Benefits Full Episode Guide

  • Ben misses the relationship he once had with Sarah. Meanwhile, Sarah reluctantly lies to her boyfriend when he questions her about her history with Ben, which only complicates matters.

  • Ben wants Aaron to invest in a macaroni & cheese food truck business, but will it be beneficial? Sarah is dating a cute journalist on antidepressants, which makes it very challenging for physical contact.

  • Sarah loses her identity when she accidentally gets involved with her ex-boyfriend, Joe, and Ben follows suit getting involved with an ex-girlfriend. Fitz struggles to keep Sarah and Ben sane, while Riley is shocked with Aaron's actions when he tries to impress a woman with his money.

  • Sarah craves compliments about her looks when she starts dating a blind man. Ben dates a new girl who constatnly wears a very large brimmed hat. Aaron dates an older woman who is only interested in his body.

  • Aaron discovers a girl he mentored in Junior High is a successful porn star and feels he had a bad influence on her. A doctor Sarah admires, bribes her with great responsibilities at work in exchange for help impressing Riley.

  • The gang enjoys Mardi Gras.

  • Sarah begs Aaron to bid on her at a charity bachelorette auction to avoid a date with a nerdy coworker. Ben is accused of sexual harassment.

  • Sarah struggles to get on the "Relationship Track" with paramedic Evan.

  • Ben runs into an ex. Fitz thinks his lesbian mother is lonely and tries to find her a girlfriend, but shocked to discover she is already in a relationship.

  • Ben and Fitz take Aaron out for a night on the town when he gets depressed over his ex-girlfriends engagement. Sarah hesitantly attends a party that makes her question her conservative ways when she tries to befriend Riley.

  • Ben and Sarah take a time out to pursue their respective love interests.

  • In the series premiere of Friends with Benefits, Ben is desperate to find a date to his sister's wedding.

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