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  • TV-14
  • 1999
  • 1 Season
  • 6.0  (126)

Colorful is a quirky and mildly controversial Anime Network series that was first aired in 1999. This off-beat production is infamous for its bizarre humor and unique take on urban life and the human condition itself. The show, with its eccentric style and almost episodic format, encapsulates a blend of satire, and even sometimes crude humor, to navigate through various sub-themes of human life, like temptation, lust, ambition, and the complexities brought on by our daily interactions.

The series comprises 16 unconventional, non-linear episodes, each running roughly around 7 minutes. The episodes don't necessarily connect to each other, with characters and situations changing remarkably across episodes. However, what ties them together is the underlying premise of sketching vivid caricatures of the Japanese urban lifestyle and its multifaceted aspects – some humorous, some critical, and others simply relatable.

A particularly noteworthy thing about Colorful is its bold and audacious disregard for traditional narrative structure. The story, unlikely to most anime, is not centered around a single protagonist. Instead, each episode presents a different story, different characters, and a different situation. These characters may be inspired from everyday life, embodying an office worker, a student, a boisterous colleague or even a regular man on the street. The premise of each episode revolves around everyday situations, relatable to the audience in more ways than one.

Visual aesthetics are a significant aspect of any anime series, and in Colorful, they play an even more significant role. Conforming to the alternative style of the series, the animation quality isn't typical and maintains a raw and rudimentary aesthetic, dotingly coined as 'garage-kit' animation by enthusiastic fans. The style is rough around the edges, somewhat mimicking life in its imperfect yet charming grit. The visualization not only reflects the hard edges of urban lifestyles but also underlines the series' distinctive humor effectively.

Colorful incorporates a potent blend of humor and voyeurism to showcase an exaggerated yet illuminating view of societal norms. The nature of humor in the series ranges from tongue-in-cheek banter to moments of richness created by situational comedy. It's worth noting that the comedy element isn't necessarily conventional, and it leans towards the bizarre and edgy, essentially becoming an acquired taste over time.

An intriguing aspect of the show is its take on voyeurism. Several episodes in the series represent characters as silent observers, a portrayal that cleverly challenges the viewers to contemplate their reactions to various real-life scenarios. The show explores this theme very actively, making the audience think about the unseen sides of everyday life.

While it's essential to state that Colorful can be quite an unconventional watch, its uniqueness unfailingly leaves an impression. The dialogue, although rife with adult humor, is sharp and witty, effectively contributing to the overall narrative. Moreover, the background scores gel well with the episodes' themes, further enhancing their comedic or dramatic impact as required.

In conclusion, Colorful is a series that dares to tread the road less taken. It is an eccentric blend of off-kilter comedy, social commentary, and relentless satire. Yes, it isn't your typical anime with action, fantasy, or heartfelt drama, but it's a rare gem that concerns itself more with the banality of our everyday lives, viewed from a uniquely comedic and somewhat critical perspective. With its unique take on urban life exploration and the rawness of human interactions, Colorful isn't just an anime production; it's an experience that's completely out of the ordinary yet strikingly relatable.

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Color 16
16. Color 16
September 30, 1999
A good looking reporter seeks to find out what happened to a high school that vanished mysteriously.
Color 15
15. Color 15
September 29, 1999
A prize arrives in the mail, but it's not the sexy prize that was expected.
Color 14
14. Color 14
September 28, 1999
Yamamoto's teacher continues to obsesses over her.
Color 13
13. Color 13
September 27, 1999
Steve's pen pal Jamie visits and is immediately drawn to all the short skirts. Jamie finds himself in an awkward position on the train.
Color 12
12. Color 12
September 26, 1999
A giant high school girl appears in Tokyo Bay.
Color 11
11. Color 11
September 23, 1999
Itani laments the end of his course because it means he won't be seeing his hot teacher anymore. The tables are turned later when Yamamoto's swim coach is the one longing from afar.
Color 10
10. Color 10
September 22, 1999
Itani almost can't handle how hot his professor is.
Color 09
9. Color 09
September 21, 1999
A darkened movie theater proves to be the perfect place for looking up skirts. Springtime is nigh and full of blossoms. One photographer's desires are blossoming along with it!
Color 08
8. Color 08
September 20, 1999
Itani checks out some sexy girls at the mall. Meanwhile, the pervs at the shoe store play paper-rock-scissors to decide who will get to assist the store's sexiest patrons.
Color 07
7. Color 07
September 16, 1999
Two horny college slackers. A beautiful professor. The frustrated TV reporter. A sexy track star. Her tempted coach. These are just a few of the colorful characters in the wacky, sexy, irreverent Colorful!
Color 06
6. Color 06
September 15, 1999
When Itani finds out his GPA is so low he may get kicked out of school, Hirokawa suggests sneaking into Professor Pamela's home. But the boys find something much more shocking than the answers to the upcoming final.
Color 05
5. Color 05
September 14, 1999
Afflicted with a losing streak, the Coach is forced to come up with some kind of healing for the girls who believe their team is cursed. Meanwhile, Itani tries to win a real live woman with dire consequences.
Color 04
4. Color 04
September 9, 1999
As the holidays approach, the boys get jobs for Christmas. Shimoi tries her hand at consumer reporting. The Coach's Christmas turns tragic when Yamamoto gets an offer from another college.
Color 03
3. Color 03
September 8, 1999
It's war between Itani and Hirokawa when Professor Pamela needs a teaching assistant. Meanwhile, Coach's mother blows into town. And when a real hurricane approaches, the local weathergirl's career aspirations whip up a competitive storm for Shimoi.
Color 02
2. Color 02
September 7, 1999
When a religious celebration hits campus, Itani falls for a beautiful born-again Christian, while Hirokawa comes up with a brilliant moneymaking scheme - the Jesus Piggy bank.
Color 01
1. Color 01
September 6, 1999
Much to the Coach's dismay, track star Yamamoto has a conflict - the big meet is the same weekend as her starring role in the school play.
  • Premiere Date
    September 6, 1999
  • IMDB Rating
    6.0  (126)