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Young Jeff Miller (Tommy Rettig), who lives on a farm outside the town of Calverton with his widowed mother Ellen Miller (Jan Clayton) and grandfather George Miller (George Cleveland), inherits a collie from a neighbor in the very first episode of Lassie. Along the way during the first season Lassie gives birth to puppies, encounters an escaped circus lion and a bear, is hit by a car, gets into a dogfight, endures a spoiled little girl who tries to harm her and is nearly stolen by a carnival owner. Jeff gets bit by a snake, gets trapped in a cave with Lassie, meets an escaped convict in the woods and worries his mother by playing with a loaded shotgun which once belonged to his father.

In one episode Jeff feels bad because he is paying too much attention to a young colt given to him by his grandfather and is ignoring Lassie. In another episode, Jeff and Lassie run away together when Lassie is mistakenly quarantined because she is thought to be rabid. In another episode, Jeff and his friend Porky Brockway (Joey Vieira) run away so that Jeff's grandfather and Porky's father, who are feuding over a checker's game, could find them and patch their friendship.

In other episodes, Gramps has chest pains that worry Jeff and his mother and Jeff's mother is offered a singing job that would require Jeff and her to move away from the farm, Gramps and Lassie. Jeff's mom also forbids him to go to the circus because he has to stay home and study his mathematics lessons.

The Miller farm is visited in the first season by a stray fawn, a water department inspector, a former boxer as well as a drifter who tells stories that capture Jeff's imagination.

The first season of Lassie was shot in black and white and contained 26 episodes. It originally aired from Sept. 12, 1954 to March 6, 1955.

5 Seasons, 39 Episodes
October 9, 2010
Action & Adventure, Drama, Kids & Family
Cast: Tommy Rettig

Lassie Full Episode Guide

  • Boomer leaves Mike in Timmy's care while he visits relatives, but the little dog proves to be quite a handful.

  • An older boy who has run away from home tries to convince Timmy and Boomer to camp out with him.

  • Timmy and Boomer set up a fortune-telling booth at the church carnival, but things don't go as planned.

  • Timmy and his classmates save money for a special plaque, but when the money is stolen, Lassie tries to sniff out the culprit.

  • An unpleasant hunter makes it hard for Paul and Uncle Petrie to find subjects for Timmy to photograph with his new camera.

  • Ruth's patience is tested when Timmy brings home a little dog for Lassie and then a racehorse!

  • Timmy and Boomer's mission to build a lean-to is sidetracked when Boomer's know-it-all older cousin wanders into a cave.

  • Timmy and Boomer borrow Uncle Petrie's charm for good luck on an upcoming school project and misplace it.

  • Timmy and Boomer collect rocks as payment for breaking a neighbor's window, but begin to suspect the neighbor may be a bank robber!

  • Lassie falls in love with a puppy hand puppet named Suzy, and becomes distraught when she sees the lifeless dog being stuffed into a suitcase.

  • While staying at a neighbor's house, Lassie takes the blame for their naughty chimpanzee's mischief.

  • The whole family pitches in to help Timmy win his Cub Scout troop's kite-flying contest.

  • Timmy and Boomer are heartbroken when they find out Lassie's puppies are going to be sold, so Lassie hides her litter in the woods.

  • Timmy and Lassie accidentally ruin Ruth's new spring hat while playing.

  • When the Martins adopt a stray cat they found on the farm, the new family member immediately starts creating trouble for Lassie.

  • An eager-to-win Timmy enters his burro, Lucky, in a horse event at the country fair.

  • A conniving handyman claims Lassie bit him in order to secure odd jobs around the Martins' farm.

  • When Lassie comes home with grease on her legs, Timmy and Boomer discover a pool of oil on their property.

  • When Timmy and Boomer find out the tree they adopted will be cut down for construction, Timmy writes a letter to the President.

  • Timmy and Boomer go in search of foxfire to smear on their faces, but wind up trapped in an abandoned house.

  • The Army is conducting war games near the farm, but it's no game when Timmy and Lassie are ordered to investigate a live mine field!

  • When Timmy and Boomer find out Paul wants to buy ladybugs to help fight aphids in his orchard, the boys become determined to find the nest Lassie discovered earlier.

  • Lassie is seriously injured by a truck while saving a three-year-old girl from danger.

  • Tongues wag in the neighborhood when Lassie picks the winning ticket in a raffle for a piano.

  • After spotting sugar maples in the woods with Timmy, Uncle Petrie returns to investigate and runs into two men holding the bank president hostage.

  • Boomer becomes jealous when Timmy seems to prefer the company of his English visitor, Robin.

  • When Lassie discovers a wounded bear cub left in the woods by careless hunters, the Martins try to save it.

  • On an expedition with the Audubon Junior Club, Timmy catches a glimpse of some rare American egrets, but no one believes him.

  • While attempting to help his friend Henry overcome a fear of dogs, Timmy's plan backfires and Henry thinks Lassie wants to stay with him.

  • The expensive new sow Paul bought comes with an unfortunate predilection for running away.

  • Ruth becomes caught in a dangerous hunting trap when she takes a shortcut on the way to a Grange supper.

  • Timmy brings home a trout Lassie caught to keep as her "pet," but finds having a fish can be an upstream battle.

  • Lassie falls in love with a rocking chair that's being donated in a benefit sale and is determined to make it hers.

  • Lassie leads Timmy and Boomer to a plane crash where they find an injured pilot in the wreckage.

  • Ruth entrusts Timmy and Boomer to an egg delivery, but the boys become sidetracked by an aggressive barn owl when they try to replace two broken eggs.

  • Timmy and his classmates try to raise money when they find out their teacher, Miss Hazlit, may have to lose her job because of budget constraints.

  • When Timmy falls in love with a pony, Lassie sneaks out in the night to bring "Star" back home to the farm.

  • Timmy and Boomer have little success teaching Boomer's new terrier, Mike, the ways of farm life.

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