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  • TV-MA
  • 2012
  • 1 Season
  • 7.6  (2,945)

Nisemonogatari is a Japanese anime television series produced by Aniplex and directed by Akiyuki Shinbo. It is the second season of the Monogatari Series and follows the story of Koyomi Araragi, a high school student who has been entangled with supernatural occurrences ever since he was attacked by a vampire. The series premiered in 2012 and consists of 11 episodes.

The show is set in a fictional city where oddities are a part of everyday life. The protagonist, Koyomi Araragi, is a human who has been turned into a vampire and has powers such as rapid regeneration and enhanced strength. He is constantly dealing with oddities and trying to help those who are affected by them. In Nisemonogatari, Koyomi has two sisters, Karen and Tsukihi, who also have unusual abilities.

The plot of Nisemonogatari revolves around Koyomi's interactions with his sisters and other characters, as they all try to uncover the mystery behind a group of fake oddities that have surfaced in the city. Koyomi's sisters, Karen and Tsukihi, are known as the Fire Sisters because of their obsession with justice and their tendency to do whatever it takes to protect the innocent. Along with Koyomi, they set out to investigate the oddities and put an end to them.

The show is known for its visually stunning animation and unique storytelling style. The series is divided into different arcs, each of which focuses on a particular character and their story. These arcs are narrated by Koyomi, who often provides commentary on the events that are happening. This storytelling style allows the audience to gain insight into the characters' thoughts and feelings, making them more relatable and engaging.

Nisemonogatari also features a wide range of characters, each with their own unique personality and abilities. Some of the most notable characters include Senjougahara, a girl who used to be cursed but was saved by Koyomi; Kanbaru, a girl who has the ability to manipulate oddities; and Hanekawa, a girl who is possessed by a supernatural entity.

The show's voice actors are also noteworthy, with Hiroshi Kamiya providing the voice of Koyomi, Yuka Iguchi as Tsukihi and Eri Kitamura as Karen. Their performances add depth and complexity to the characters, making them more relatable and believable.

Overall, Nisemonogatari is a captivating and enthralling anime that combines supernatural elements with relatable characters and stunning visuals. Its unique storytelling style and excellent voice acting make it a must-watch for fans of the genre.

Nisemonogatari is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (11 episodes). The series first aired on January 7, 2012.

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Nisemonogatari 11
11. Nisemonogatari 11
March 17, 2012
As Shinobu explains how Tsukhi came to be in her currents situation. Araragi is resolved to stop the out of Towner's from killing her. But unlike Oshino and Kaiki, Kagenui speaks with her fist and she talks a lot.
Nisemonogatari 10
10. Nisemonogatari 10
March 10, 2012
Araragi agrees to take Shinobu on a trip to buy doughnuts. At the restaurant an old acquaintance, that should not be there, is able to give information on the towns new visitors.
Nisemonogatari 9
9. Nisemonogatari 9
March 3, 2012
While taking Karen to meet Kanbaru, Araragi is put into a compromising position. On the way, he runs into someone asking about familiar things.
Nisemonogatari 8
8. Nisemonogatari 8
February 25, 2012
Karen is acting clingy and very cute, completely out of character. But it's a trick to get Koyomi to introduce her to Kanbaru. Fearful of what Kanbaru sexual proclivities, he devises a test Karen must pass; a test involving her toothbrush.
Karen Bee: Part 7
7. Karen Bee: Part 7
February 18, 2012
Araragi goes to confront Kaiki, but first he has to deal with his sister. When he finally gets her to go home and get some rest, he now has to stop Kaiki from leaving the city. But Kaiki is wiley and smart, and not easily dissuaded when there's money on the line.
Karen Bee, Part 6
6. Karen Bee, Part 6
February 11, 2012
Koyomi leaves Karen behind at home to talk with Senjougahara. Senjougahara seems to be planning on confronting and murdering Kaiki. When he comes back home, Karen is missing. She's wandered off, while still sick.
Karen Bee, Part 5
5. Karen Bee, Part 5
February 4, 2012
Koyomi learns the whole story about what happened between Karen and Kaiki. After receiving a tempting offer from Hanekawa, he speaks with Shinobu on a way to save Karen. It might prove to be too radical of a solution.
Karen Bee, Part 4
4. Karen Bee, Part 4
January 28, 2012
Karen is badly ill, and has been poisoned by an evil, supernatural bee. Will Koyomi BEE able to cure her in time?
Karen Bee, Part 3
3. Karen Bee, Part 3
January 21, 2012
Araragi leaves Kanbaru's house and meets a dangerous man named Kaiki. While following him, he runs into Senjougahara, who berates him for skipping his studies.
Karen Bee, Part 2
2. Karen Bee, Part 2
January 14, 2012
Temptation haunts Koyomi, while visiting Sengoku he is presented with several tempting offers. After surviving each one, his visit to Kanbaru continues to put him in compromising situations.
Karen Bee, Part 1
1. Karen Bee, Part 1
January 7, 2012
The five girls' problems with supernatural beings have been solved, and it's now summer break, with the culture fair over. Koyomi Araragi has two little sisters, self-proclaimed "heroes" nicknamed the Fire Sisters, Karen and Tsukihi.
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Nisemonogatari is available for streaming on the Aniplex website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Nisemonogatari on demand at Netflix.
  • Premiere Date
    January 7, 2012
  • IMDB Rating
    7.6  (2,945)