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This show takes viewers all over the United States to look at the different national parks and rec centers. The viewers will get to see the wildlife that live in these parks and the sights they can see during a visit.

1 Season, 9 Episodes
February 3, 2006
Cast: Kanako Sakai

REC Full Episode Guide

  • Aka's success continues, while Fumihiko can't stop thinking about the fight he and Aka had the other night. When the two bump into eachother in a bar, Aka at a business dinner and Fumihiko out drinking, the two patch things up. Later, Fumihiko asks Aka an important question...

  • After a long day, Fumihiko is stood up by Aka. However, Aka was realy busy with work and tried to call him, but failed. Fumihiko soon takes his anger out on Aka, and things start to look bad once again...

  • While away on vacation, Fumihiko and Aka attempt to patch things up between them.

  • After an incident involving underwear on live television, both Aka's and Matsumaru's careers take a boost. This causes friction, culminating in Aka saying once she earns enough money she will leave causing both of them to get depressed. Aka's depression affects her performance on one of her jobs, but she manages to get the lines right after remembering her feelings whenever Matsumaru came home. The episode ends with Aka crying alone and wondering if she can return to Matsumaru.

  • Aka is having trouble with her current job because she is voice acting in an H-game. She struggles with the words and eventually asks Matsumaru. He initially misunderstands her intentions but realizes before he does anything stupid. After successfully completing her job, Matsumaru buys the game but it is confiscated by Aka and he is banned from playing it.

  • It's Fumihiko's first accepted advertisement and Aka's first TV voice actor gig. But, how popular is the product?

  • The episode deals with Matsumaru realizing that he has let a total stranger into his house. It also has two flashbacks to when Aka and Matsumaru were at high school. Aka's flashback has her friend commenting on how great it would be to hear Aka's voice on TV. Matsumaru's flashback has his friend tell him that Tokyo girls are easy, a comment that Matsumaru refutes after he is once again struck by Aka for trying to kiss her.

  • Aka attempts to keep what happended the other night a secret and tells Fumihiko that it won't happen again. Later that day, Fumihiko gets his idea accepted and Aka gets a new job.

  • While getting stood up on a date, Fumihiko meets a strange girl named Aka. Aka, who is an inspiring seiyū, cheers him up, but when her house burns down along with everything in it, she may need the cheering up.

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