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One night, the two average high school students, Takeru and Ryou, see a strange light coming from the woods. Despite being out on a delivery for Takeru's uncle, the boys decide to search the words for the source of the light. Shockingly, what they find is a beautiful naked girl and an alien monster which attacks them. Somehow Takeru is able to turn into an impressive monster as well and defeats the alien. Because of the way Takeru discovers her, he names the girl the Japanese word for light, Hikari.

This Ugly Yet Beautiful World follows the strange new lives of Takeru and Hikari. Takeru's normal high school existence is turned upside down by alien sisters, shape-shifting robots, and vicious monsters. Takeru must learn to accept his new role as protector of a beautiful alien girl with no memory while uncovering just where she and the vicious monsters that attack her come from.

This Ugly Yet Beautiful World is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on April 8, 2004.

Where do I stream This Ugly Yet Beautiful World online? This Ugly Yet Beautiful World is available for streaming on TBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch This Ugly Yet Beautiful World on demand at iTunes online.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
April 8, 2004
Anime, Science Fiction
Cast: Fujiko Takimoto, Ayako Kawasumi, Takahiro Mizushima, Ai Shimizu, Asami Sanada
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This Ugly Yet Beautiful World Full Episode Guide

  • Hikari tells Takeru that he's no different from the other monsters who've attacked her. Then she reminds Takeru of all his distressing memories of his mother leaving him. He freaks out, which appears to be her goal. Hikari decides to destroy the world. Akari freaks out and vows to stop her. This leads to Hikari and Takeru's predestined showdown, except that neither of them are trying to kill each other.

  • Hikari has dreams that push her further towards full awakening. Mari decides to confess her love to Takeru but when she walks up to him to do so, she finds him in the garage about to kiss Hikari. She accuses Hikari of betraying their friendship. Then Mari slaps Hikari which makes her freak out about having hurt someone without meaning to, and something inside her shifts. A new monster then comes after her.

  • Ryou and Takeru talk about their powers. Akari and Hikari figure out themselves. Jennifer reports that the bringers of great extinction are doing what they do to make sure that evolution follows the "correct" path. Takeru gets a cheap junker bike which he promptly falls in love with it. Akari explains to Hikari that they used to be one being, but now that they've split into two, Hikari is the one who argues to cause mass extinction on various planets and Akari is the one who argues against that.

  • Jennifer thinks Takeru and all the monsters that attacked Hikari are EDs. She describes them as monsters with abnormally extreme and single-minded aggression. However, she says that Takeru hasn't figured out who/what he is yet and is protecting the one he should be destroying. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang goes to the Bon Festival and has fun. But afterwards, Hikari's other personality starts talking to Hikari, and tells her that she'll bring as much death to this world. Hikari begins to awaken to her role in the universe.

  • It's summer break, and they all go to the mountains to camp. Hikari and Akari learn about nature and are happy; Ioneous and Jennifer get drunk, and are also happy. The group decides to play a game in the dark where they're basically supposed to split up into pairs and stake a flag on a rock. Hikari and Takeru wind up together and the rest of the group has fun spying on them, until Ioneous in monster-form starts running around in a drunken fit, making them think they're being attacked.

  • Hikaru transfers to Takeru's school thinking it will be fun. During an emergency drill, she turns into her other personality and destroys part of the building to get at a blue crystal. Later she doesn't seem to remember what she's done, but it turns out the blue crystal is Ioneous, a robot-looking dude who refers to her as his "master."

  • Ryou takes Akari home with him and soon his little sister Kimi starts to grow fond of Akari in spite of herself, and the three wind up declaring themselves a family, after which Akari moves into the Ninomiya household. Akari is introduced to Hikari and learns that she too came from space. Jennifer suggests that they used to be one being with no body, and then divided into two and gained bodies after they got to Earth.

  • Ryou continues his visits with the strange girl in the forest. Kuon gets caught stealing watermelons.

  • Ryou is waiting to meet someone, although he himself doesn't really know this until he meets her. Her name is Akari, and she is obviously similar to Hikari in that she doesn't remember her past or have a name. Akari is living in the forest, because she remembers being there when she saw a night where there was a very bright light, and she wants to see a night like that again. Ryou begins going to see her regularly on his walks home, and begins to feel very protective towards her.

  • Takeru and Hikari explain to his friends and family what happened the previous night. Hikari tells them she came to Earth from outer space because she was lonely, but doesn't know anything else about herself. However, because Takeru saved her he's now very precious to her. Takeru's male classmates go wild with jealousy because he's got a cute babe now.

  • Takeru has been telling Ryou what ideal woman would be like, when suddenly a bright light zooms down out of the sky, hits a tree, and BAM! Who should appear in the tree but Takeru's ideal woman, naked as a jaybird? She seems very vulnerable and scared and obviously doesn't know the basics of human customs or even speech. Takeru gives her a name and vows to protect her.