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Series Length:6 Seasons, 139 Episodes
Network: NBC

3rd Rock from the Sun was a comedy television series, which was broadcast on NBC for several years. The plot centered around 4 members of another planet, who are sent to Earth to learn the customs of the people. The comedy revolved around the fact that, individually and collectively, they knew nothing about the mores and social traditions of everyday life of Earthlings. The took the last name of Solomon

The main cast included John Lithgow as Dick Solomon, Kristen Johnston as Sally Solomon, French Stewart as Harry Solomon and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Tommy Solomon. Other members of the cast were Jane Curtin as Dr. Mary Albright, Simbi Khali as Nina Campbell, Elmarie Wendel as Mrs. Mamie Dubcek and Wayne Knight as Police Officer Don Orville.

Every episode, during the many years of the series, brought up some social structure of everyday life that most people from Earth take for granted, but the Solomon family knew nothing about. It always fostered misunderstandings and confusion on the part of the Solomon family, because they were not from Earth.

There was one member of the cast, who had a recurring role. William Shatner starred as the 'Big Giant Head'. He was the one who ordered the 4 members of the aliens on this mission to Earth. There is also a side plot of a romantic relationship between Sally Solomon and Officer Don Orville.

There was also a deep romance between Dick Solomon and Dr. Mary Albright. The one common comedy aspect of the entire series was that, none of the people of Earth could be told that theses four people were aliens. Many of the episodes poked fun at certain aspects of life. Such as the long lines at the motor vehicle bureau, and the fact that you can pay someone to clean your house.

The series finale had all 4 members completing their mission and being sent on another mission. Dick finally tells Dr. Albright what he is, and wants Dr. Albright to leave Earth with him. At the last minute she refuses.

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Status: Ended
Rating: 8.4/10
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  • As a result of the manner in which Dick settled his dispute with Liam, the group is ordered home. Of course, there are always loose ends to tie up before a long space trip. Dick wants Mary to accompany them, and Sally decides to instill confidence in Don. They organize a farewell party, and Harry and Tommy decide to charge everything and not worry about being around to pay the bill. They even hire Elvis Costello to sing "Fly Me to the Moon."

  • Mary is having some trouble dealing with what she saw: Dick transforming Scoochie into a monkey. Dick inevitably tells her the truth and she has a hard time to believe in it. Eventually she accepts it and even becomes fascinated by it. When everything seems to be going fine for Dick, Harry announces that their mission is over and they are to leave Earth.

  • Dick tries to compete with Mary's secret admirer (John Cleese); the rest of the gang find their favorite movie's prequel.

  • Sally and Harry search for another alien team; Dick learns that Mary has a secret admirer.

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