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Series Length:7 Seasons, 117 Episodes
Network: ABC

Nickelodeon's Doug

is a series about humble 12 year old Doug Funnie, who has a wild imagination.

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Status: Canceled/Ended
Rating: 8.9/10
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51 Amazon Episodes
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  • It's the end of the school year. Everyone is graduating from the seventh grade, Judy has gotten a used car and is off to college, and Patti's dad is getting married to Ms. Kristal. Doug is supposed to be the ring bearer, but he loses the ring, and retraces his steps, but still can't find it!

  • It's time for the Spring Fling-A-Ding at Beebe Bluff Middle School, and the school needs a band to play. Guy Graham suggests a local popular band that he personally knows. Patti is really impressed, making Doug jealous. Doug, filled with jealousy, he blurts out that he can get The Beets. At first, Doug is worried that he'll have to confess he can't, but he remembers that Judy dated Flounder, and that he'll probably be happy to perform. When Doug goes to ask them, they accept, but get into an argument about fruit, and break up again! Doug is now in need of a band.

  • Rubbersuit turns little kids into his Rubber Army that will help him in his evil plots. He knows that Quailman won't fight little kids, so Quailman is powerless to stop him!

  • Doug's dad gets an updated computer with internet. Everyone in the house becomes addicted, especially Doug. He goes to a The Beets chatroom, where this 'kid' whose a big fan of The Beets has some original records by them. Skeeter, Doug, and the 'kid' are planning to meet in the park, but when they get there, a trash can is on fire! Thinking fast, Doug and Skeeter use their Bluffscout training to put it out with haste, before it grows larger. Once they do, they return to their bench to find that all of their records are gone! When they see the same records, with the same marks on them, at a local guy's record store, what are they to think? Meanwhile, Judy is chatting her 'dream date', whom she's never met before, but believes that he's perfect. But when he arrives to pick her up, he's really not what she was expecting.

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