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Doug is a cartoon that aired on Nickelodeon network from 1991-1994. The cartoon follows Doug Funnie's life. He moves from Bloatsburg to a town called Bluffington, where he attends the 6th grade, defeating many of the average pre-teen obstacles. Doug tries to fit in but keeps having to deal with adolescent situations like crushes, bullies, embarrassing moments, rumors and much more. Everything he experiences is jotted down in his journal, which is used as narration for the show using his voice. He also goes on many different imaginary voyages.

The setting of the show has a futuristic feel, with the cars and buildings animated into the show. The show's creator Jim Jinkins chose to create the city Bluffington because it was based on his hometown of Richmond, VA. Doug's new circle of friends included with Mosquito Valentine (also known as Skeeter), and his crush Patricia (Patti) Mayonnaise. They became the people who were involved in most of his pre-teen life lessons. The school bully Roger Klotz makes it more difficult for Doug to fit in and impress his crush Patti.

7 Seasons, 117 Episodes - Canceled
October 20, 1996
Animation & Cartoons
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  • It's the end of the school year. Everyone is graduating from the seventh grade, Judy has gotten a used car and is off to college, and Patti's dad is getting married to Ms. Kristal. Doug is supposed to be the ring bearer, but he loses the ring, and retraces his steps, but still can't find it!

  • It's time for the Spring Fling-A-Ding at Beebe Bluff Middle School, and the school needs a band to play. Guy Graham suggests a local popular band that he personally knows. Patti is really impressed, making Doug jealous. Doug, filled with jealousy, he blurts out that he can get The Beets. At first, Doug is worried that he'll have to confess he can't, but he remembers that Judy dated Flounder, and that he'll probably be happy to perform. When Doug goes to ask them, they accept, but get into an argument about fruit, and break up again! Doug is now in need of a band.

  • Rubbersuit turns little kids into his Rubber Army that will help him in his evil plots. He knows that Quailman won't fight little kids, so Quailman is powerless to stop him!

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