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Once recovered after witnessing their command center destroyed, Tommy and his fellow Power Rangers find the Zeo crystal completely intact amongst the rubble. Realizing that Goldar and Rito must have dropped it accidentally in their favor. The Zeo crystal leads the rangers to an underground chamber where they find Alpha 5 and Zordon waiting for them. The underground chamber look as if it were an exact replica of their command center. Billy decides to no longer continue as a Power Ranger and instead takes on the job of being their technical adviser.

Though they lost one Power Ranger they also gain one. Tanya joins their team becoming the Yellow Power Ranger. Each of the power rangers are now armed with new weapons and new zords as a new enemy enters the Earth's solar system and frightens their old enemies away.

The Machine Empire is the new threat to earth and the power rangers begin to be worn down by the new enemy. Then out of a no where a new ally appears. A mysterious golden power ranger who at first seemed very suspicious. Later on they realize that this new ranger was on their side and was there to help them protect the Earth.

During one of their many battles the Golden Ranger is injured and split into three different selfs. It is then they realize that he is not human. The gold ranger decides to temporarily pass on his powers to a worthy warrior while he mends and heals. They decides that Billy should be the one and when the transfer fails they find out it is because Billy absorbed too much negative power when the command center was destroyed.

The only option now is to transfer the powers of the gold ranger to the original Red Ranger Jason. Now with the Gold Ranger back in action they defeat the Machine Empire and when the destruction of this enemy is made clear, their old enemies Lord Zedd and Rita return to the Earth to take their place at the top of the villain food-chain.

Rita and Lord Zedd begin operating out of an RV and retrieve Goldar and Rito and restore their lost memories. Billy begins to age rapidly and without knowing why he is sent to another planet for treatment. It is then learned that his body can not handle the Gold Ranger's Powers and as the powers leave his body it is also draining his life force. The alien who originally has the powers then makes a faster recovery to take back the powers and save Billy's life.

1 Season, 50 Episodes
April 20, 1996
Action & Adventure
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Power Rangers Zeo Full Episode Guide

  • When Prince Gasket and Archerina return, Prince Sprocket offers to help them defeat the Zeo Rangers by letting Klank and Orbus make them grow. Tommy asks Katherine for a date when Ernie puts on a Luau at the beach club, but Gasket and Archerina spoil the party by sending Cogs to trash the place. The evil duo grow to enormous proportions, and the Rangers call on the Super Zeo Megazord and the Zeo Megazord to defeat them. Losing the fight, Gasket and Archerina flee, and Tommy and Katherine decide to enjoy a nice quiet date at the movies.

  • Alpha is finally able to teleport Billy out of the Zeo Megazord, but King Mondo puts his Cog monster inside the Megazord cockpit and attacks the Super Zeo Megazord. The Impursonator reappears, taking over the Super Zeo Megazord, and the two vehicles battle each other under control of the monsters. The Alien Rangers assist the Zeo Rangers in battling the Cogs, while Auric is called upon to help break up the monster fight, but unfortunately Auric is unable to defeat the monsters when they combine to form the Hybrid monster, forcing the Zeo Rangers to call upon all of their resources to ultimately defeat it. Bringing Billy to the Eternal Falls on Aquitar, Cestria of Aquitar is able to restore Billy to his normal age. Billy decides tos tay on the Alien Rangers' home planet to be with Cestria and bids his friends a final farewell.

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