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Spider Riders is an animated series which lasted a full double-length season of fifty two episodes. The titular spider riders are various individuals who have formed a psychic bond with hulking 10-foot-tall spiders, using them as mounts in combat as well as sporting events, much like the knightly jousts atop horseback from our own Middle Ages. The story of the series involves Hunter Steel, a tween boy from our own planet of Earth. Following a list of information in his grandfather's journal, Hunter manages to accidentally find a hidden entrance to the subterranean world of Arachna. However, right before this occurs, Hunter stumbles across a cavern, where a manacle attaches itself to the boy and a spider spooks him into stumbling into the gateway.

Now in the world that his grandfather mentioned, Hunter finds he is one of the heroes destined to save this world of Arachna as it engages in a war between the heroic Spider Riders and the mutant insects known as the Invectids. This war is over a quarter of artifacts known as the "Oracle Keys" whose powers could be combined to either save the world of Arachna or to plunge it into total darkness (should the Invectids win it and offer them to their ruler, Mantid). The series revealed a total of four such Oracle Keys, with each of them eventually falling into the hands of Hunter and his chosen spider mount, named Shadow. The power of these Keys can be used to boost the strength and reaction of a Rider and his mount, power a floating fortress, or even sustain someone when they would otherwise perish.

As mentioned earlier, Hunter is not the only Spider Rider, though he does serve as the series protagonist. Other Riders within the series include Corona (a female love interest), Igneous (calm, serious, and focused leader of Arachna's army), Lumen and Sparkle (prince and princess of Arachna), Magma (the lone wolf foil to the calm Igneous), King Arachna I (the first Rider), Quake (a legendary Rider who has turned pacifist), and even Hunter's grandfather.

TV Tokyo
2 Seasons, 56 Episodes - Canceled
March 25, 2006
Action & Adventure, Anime
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Spider Riders Full Episode Guide

  • Overwhelmed by the desolation of the Invectid lands, the Spider Riders debate their next move. Quake reveals the reason for his silence for so many years. After his allies were all defeated by Mantid, he faced the dark lord alone, only to suffer his own defeat. Rather than cost others their lives through his rash actions he has waited for the prophesied time when all eight Spider Riders will gather in Mantid?s presence and summon the Oracle herself. Hunter counts only seven Spider Riders including Sparkle when Quake reveals his latest surprise, he is the eighth Spider Rider! An attack by Buguese?s giant Robo-Invectid, Dark Opal (Dark Oracle), forces the heroes to fight. But Buguese is himself betrayed by Aqune, who uses Dark Opal (Dark Oracle) to steal the power of the final two Oracle Keys for Mantid. Have the Spider Riders come so far only to have victory snatched from their hands?

  • Lumen and Igneous have trouble trusting Grasshop when they discover him traveling to Nuuma with Princess Sparkle. Their suspicions appear correct when they find themselves surrounded by a platoon of Invectid Warriors led by Lt. Scarab. The platoon is out of communication with Mantid and Stags and haven't heard of Grasshop's banishment. Their excitement to be led one of Mantid's Big Four cause them to put Grasshop in charge. Grasshop is delighted for the chance to seize power again until he discovers his first duty to is to "take care" of the imprisoned Spider Riders? permanently!

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