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At the time it was first placed on the air, expectations were low for The A-Team, but much like the characters on the show, the program was able to defy expectations and become incredibly successful. The A-Team premiered on NBC in January of 1983 immediately following that year's Super Bowl, and it was able to capture a football-fueled audience with its tales of ex military men trying to make it in the world by doing good things for others. The show is famous for the performances of its outstanding ensemble cast, as well as for a number of aspects which have reached iconic status over the years.

The A-Team tells the story of a group of American former military members who have become soldiers of fortune. They are shown to be on the run from the Army because they have been accused of a crime for which they are innocent. The group's primary motivation is to clear each member's name so that they can live the lives they deserve, but they also earn a living by helping others who have not been able to seek assistance through more conventional means. Each member of the team plays a unique, but necessary role within the group, and the interplay among the different personalities is a major reason why viewers find the show so charming. A typical episode will include a great mix of humor and action in addition to some terrific scenes of the team simply hanging out and enjoying the company of each other.

The A-Team is led by John Hannibal Smith who was played by actor George Peppard. Hannibal is joined by Templeton Face Peck, played by Dirk Benedict, H.M. Murdock, portrayed by Dwight Schultz and Bosco B.A. Baracus, played famously by Mr. T. All four team members were shown to be uniquely individual with their talents, but Baracus, as played by Mr. T., quickly became the standout character on the show with his singular style and no-nonsense attitude. Largely as a result of the popularity of Mr. T., the show became a huge hit for children, and it even spawned a famous line of lunch boxes and other kids' items that sold well.

The A-Team has been imitated often, but it will never be duplicated. Though a film version was released recently, it lacked the energy associated with the stars of the original program. Thankfully, the show is still available to watch in a number of places through repeat showings on various networks. Although the A-Team was not meant to become a huge hit, it succeeded against all odds, and it lives on to this day as a classic of American television.

5 Seasons, 117 Episodes - Canceled
January 23, 1983
Action & Adventure
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  • The A-Team uncovers a plot to assassinate an attorney general.

  • A girl runs away with her father's top-secret documents.

  • Murdock goes under cover to investigate an assassination plot.

  • The A-Team travels to a small mining town in search of a missing precious-metals expert.

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