Fashion Star

Fashion Star brings a new reality to fashion design competition by placing contestants in front of the actual buyers from Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue and H&M stores. Rather than focus on cutting edge design or innovation, this NBC show challenges the participants to serve the retail market rather than fashion elite. The contestants must create clothing under time, material or theme restrictions and then present it to apparel designers for purchase. If a designer does not receive a bid from the buyers, the design contestants face elimination.

Supermodel Elle Macpherson hosts the show, and brings her fashion experience as a model as well as her experience running a multi-million dollar lingerie line. The contestants also have the advice of three mentor/judges: entertainer Jessica Simpson, reality TV star Nicole Richie and top fashion designer John Varvatos. Both Simpson and Richie have successfully run their own fashion lines, and Varvatos worked with Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein before beginning his own fashion house. The competing designers have the opportunity to get practical advice and feedback as they develop their creations from mentors who have experienced the pressure of selling to the public. After the store buyers make their selections, the mentors also have the power to save one contestant that has not sold a product from elimination.

Caprice Willard from Macy's, Terron Schaefer for Saks Fifth Avenue and Nicole Christie from H&M stores represent their retail stores by choosing which designs to buy and then selecting the eliminated contestant. The designers learn to set prices for their clothes, make a professional presentation of their work and also learn how retailers make the decisions on purchases for their particular customer base. After each episode airs, Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue and H&M stores offer the merchandise for sale to the audience.

Fashion Star premiered in the Spring of 2012 on NBC. The network announced the show will return for a second season in 2013.

2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
March 13, 2012
Beauty & Fashion, Reality
Cast: Stella Kae, Theodore Leaf, Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson
Fashion Star

Fashion Star Full Episode Guide

  • The final three contestants must create their own signature collection. Eliminated designers return to assist their teammates and are met with mixed emotions. The winning designer is crowned and wins the ultimate prize of seeing their collections in all three retailers, Macy's, Saks and Express.

  • The designers must reinvent a dated trend and transform it into a fresh and current look for the Spring/Summer season.

  • The designers must use their own interpretation to define "big night out" and create a fitting ensemble for their vision. Working in teams, the contestants are also paired up to design a photo shoot for Fiat to showcase their latest piece.

  • The buyers sit down with the remaining designers and tell them what they'd like to see from them.

  • The contestants are paired up and must create two separate garments for one cohesive look. They must set aside their personality differences to create an outfit that will impress the buyers.

  • The designers are tasked with creating a garment to complement a summer theme, choosing to create a look for a pool party, tropical vacation or summer in the city.

  • The designers are tasked with creating a piece that can be worn by anyone, while still remaining true to their style and aesthetic.

  • The designers use their own definition of what's"sexy" as they create their pieces this week.

  • After creating a capsule collection for all three stores, one of the three finalists will become America's first Fashion Star!

  • The buyers hit the Design Studio to tell the designers what they'll need to do to win!

  • The mentors help the designers create a brand campaign for their collections.

  • The designers get paired up with celebrity mentors.

  • No more comfort zones! The buyers push the designers beyond their boundaries - and the clothes are presented anonymously.

  • This week, the designers use live models to feature their collections in a blank window space.

  • Designers create two variations on a classic look: high-end couture and mass market.

  • The final 12 designers create a new summer trend.

  • The designers are given a retail space and must choose whether to showcase their customers' favorite pieces or go with their own choice of designs.

  • In the series premiere of Fashion Star, watch as 14 designers face celebrity mentors Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and John Varvatos as they battle for a chance to launch their collections in three of America's largest retailers: Macy's, H&M and Saks Fifth Avenue. In their first challenge, they must create their signature design.

Fashion Star News

Elle Macpherson, H&M Leaving NBC's 'Fashion Star'

NBC's "Fashion Star" won't be doing entirely without host Elle Macpherson. Though she'll be stepping from in front of the camera as host, she'll remain involved behind it as an executive producer. On the other hand, contributor and co-sponsor H&M has dropped off the show entirely.

Jessica Simpson Sells People Magazine Dibs On First Baby Pics

And the winner is....People Magazine! Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson have awarded to the weekly the privilege of taking the first baby pics of daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson. The cost? Six figures, nearly $1 million. It could be worse: it was only four years ago that first pics of Jennifer Lopez's twins cost the magazine $6 million.

Pregnant Jessica Simpson Barely Escapes Injury

Being neither a husband nor a father myself, I can't say from experience, but there must be times all the world feels like a dangerous place for an expecting mother-to-be. Jessica Simpson and fiance Eric Johnson certainly might've felt a bit uncomfortable with how close the due-any-moment Simpson came to being felled by an errant tree branch recently, as reported by E! Online today.

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