Lockup Specials

Lockup Specials is a deep look inside prisons. Filming crews go to different prisons in the United States and film what goes on behind prison walls. Lockup Specials constitutes "special" prisoners who stand out from the rest. These prisoners may have committed a crime that people can not think possible. A prisoner may have a very special talent of artistic nature or be a great musician. Lockup Specials allow these certain prisoners to be filmed and talk about their crime and about their stay at the prison. People from all walks of like are behind the prison walls.

1 Season, 5 Episodes
May 19, 2012
Crime, Documentary & Biography
Lockup Specials

Lockup Specials Full Episode Guide

  • Bobby Ray Gilbert is easily one of the most volatile inmates to ever appear on Lockup. Is it possible that he has discovered true love? David Boltjes ranks as one of the most talked-about inmates featured on Lockup, but now he's out of prison and his tattooed eyeballs continue to fascinate. Ex-inmate Michael Gill now attempts to harness the rage he felt behind bars, to build a new career inside the ropes. And for Lindsay Christmas, life after Lockup means coming to terms with the devastating childhood memory of witnessing her father murder her mother. For the first time, she will watch the video of her father's final hours before his execution.

  • They are the inmates whose stories we'll never forget and whose lives have taken twists you'll never believe. Now, we reveal whatever became of Paul Komyatti; the twin brothers Roy and Ray Slagle; and Ronnie Tye and the woman he married in prison, Jodie Worman. Finally, the answers you've been waiting for.

  • In this episode of Lockup World Tour, we go behind prison walls in Scotland - the knife murder capital of Europe, where we meet a killer with a sadistic streak, and that interview takes a startling turn. Plus, inside a maximum security prison in Belgium, violence erupts, but when tensions rise, inmates can cool off in the sex room.

  • They were once shrouded in secrecy behind the iron curtain. But now, for the first time, a Lockup crew travels to Eastern Europe, and goes behind the walls of six maximum-security prisons in Serbia, Poland, and the Czech Republic. And what they found was, to put it mildly, "a little different."

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