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One Week Friends is an animated series with a cult following. It follows the high school life of a young woman who appears to have no friends. After she has befriended a group of loyal friends in her school, Kaori learns that she must begin each week anew, as she forgets who her friends are and must regain her friendships. One Week Friends is just that: every Monday Kaori must try to rekindle friendships as her amnesia keeps her from gaining long term memory of who her friends really are.

Anime Network
1 Season, 12 Episodes
May 4, 2014
Cast: Yoshitaka Yamaya, Sora Amamiya, Yoshimasa Hosoya, Junji Majima
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One Week Friends Full Episode Guide

  • After hearing Kujo and Kaori's elementary school classmates' stories, Yuki learns why Kaori began losing her memory. Seeing similarities between himself and Kujo, Yuki worries he may hurt Kaori by being around her and decides to keep his distance.Meanwhile, Kaori realizes Yuki is keeping his distance. Even Shogo and Saki begin worrying about them.

  • Yuki decides to keep building memories with Kaori and be her friend.Winter arrives. Yuki grows curious about why Kaori became upset and left the crepe place and decides to ask Kujo, who was with her, about the situation.

  • Hajime has essentially undone all of Yuki's progress with Kaori after some less than savory facts come to light. Is the girl he once knew gone forever?

  • The four friends get together on the last day of Summer break to finish up assignments Yuki learns about how much of a difference he's made in Kaori's life.

  • Summer vacation. Yuki continues seeing Kaori and is delighted when she invites him to the beach. However, he is disappointed when she also wants to invite Shogo and Saki...On the day of their trip, Yuki pulls himself together and heads to Enoshima, but...

  • Kaori grows warmer even while in class and begins speaking to others.While Yuki is happy to see Kaori talking happily with Saki and her friends Ai and Maiko, he is also sad to no longer be her only friend and at the loss of the special time they spent together.

  • When Yuki has to take a make-up math test, he goes to Kaori's house with Shogo and Saki for tutoring. Kaori's mother Shiho is overjoyed when her daughter brings home friends...

  • Kaori continues avoiding people in class.One day, when Yuki is called out by Inoue-sensei during lunch and Kaori is waiting on the roof alone, a girl appears...

  • When Kaori becomes friends with Shogo, the class suddenly begins talking about it.Yuki doesn't enjoy that Shogo has been identified as Kaori's friend before himself...

  • Yuki and Kaori grow closer because of the diary. While Kaori seems to enjoy her lunches with Yuki, people continue talking about her behind her back as she still doesn't associate with others.

  • "My memories of my friends disappears each week."True to her words, Kaori's memories of Yuki had disappeared by Monday.Still determined to be Kaori's friend, Yuki makes a suggestion.

  • Hase detects that Kaori seems very disconnected from the rest of her classmates. Making a daring move, he asks to be her friend, only to find out that at the beginning of every week she forgets everything, and everyone, from the week before.

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