Sisters was a television series that aired from 1991 to 1996 and was broadcast on NBC. Sisters would make its debut on NBC is the late spring of 1991 and after a short seven episode run during that time, Sisters was renewed and would become a staple on NBC for five more years.

Sisters has long been hailed as the first primetime television show that primarily focused on the lives of women and the issues that were affecting them at the time and period. Sisters was created by Daniel Lipman and Ron Cohen and that creative team would go on and lead Sisters to winning several Emmy Awards.

The main plot and story of Sisters involved four sisters who lived together in the small town of Winneteka, Illinois. The sisters were raised by an abusive and alcoholic father and he always wanted to be blessed with sons in which he was not. The four girls names were Theodora, Alexandra, Franchesca, and Georgiana. The father was so bent on having sons that he never would call his daughters by their real names but their shortened, male sounding nicknames ie. Teddy, Alex, Frankie, and George.

The four 'Sisters' were played by Swoosie Kurtz as Alex; Patricia Kalember as George or Georgie; Julianne Phillips as Frankie; and then Sela Ward as Teddy. Later on in the series it was discovered that there was a fifth sister and it discovered that the alcoholic father had a child with another woman. That fifth child was named Charlotte or Charlie. Jo Anderson and Sheila Kelley would be the two actresses that would play the role of Charlie.

There was a long list of recurring characters in Sisters but it was the four original siblings that were the mainstay of the show. Sisters would air its last episode on May 4, 1996.

6 Seasons, 127 Episodes
May 11, 1991
Drama, Soaps
Cast: Dave Annable, Calista Flockhart, Rachel Griffiths, Ron Rifkin

Sisters Full Episode Guide

  • The sisters decide to go there separate ways after Bea's death, believing it was her that held the family together - until she visits each of them.

  • Alex and Charley become furious over Georgie's thesis; Bea's illness worsens as the sisters become closer.

  • Teddy and Gabe resort to drastic measures to produce a baby; Charley and Wes realize that being married will make it easier for them to adopt Jesse.

  • Alex finds that she has an abundance of free time after her show is canceled; Georgie and Brian are at odds over advice they give to a troubled married couple.

  • When Alex's show is canceled and Norma is offered a new job as a producer immediately, jealousy threatens their relationship.

  • Big Al is inspired to delve into his own ethnic heritage after meeting a prospective business partner who is an overt bigot; Wes' parents visit.Georgie thinks that she might be pregnant.

  • Alex is delighted to learn that her show might be broadcast nationally, but is hesitant about the sacrifices involved.

  • Alex persuades Reed to fight for joint custody of her daughter; Gabe mourns the death of a patient who was also one of his students.

  • Trevor is reported missing in action while serving in Korea; Bea and Billy's father consider buying the 'Sweet Sixteen' from Georgie.

  • Alex and Norma try to gain admittance to Pug's 'men only' cigar club; Trevor comes home from the Army on a weekend pass.

  • Mom and the sisters reminisce when a sudden snowstorm strands all five women in a limousine on a deserted road.

  • Immediately after the wedding, the family members gather at the hospital to await the arrival of the heart for Big Al's transplant.

  • The family fears that Teddy will suffer the 'wedding curse'; Alex tries to ensure a speedy heart donor for Big Al.

  • Alex vies with her new co-host Pug Finnigan, to win an interview with a local hero; Reed is able to help fulfill the wishes of a dying AIDS patient.

  • Teddy considers becoming the fourth Mrs. Sorenson; Alex challenges a critical journalist to a debate; Wes announces plans to move to Detroit.

  • Cat investigates Teddy's carjacking, hoping to find the man who almost killed her mother; Big Al plans for his own demise.

  • Reed is sentenced to community service in an AIDS hospice; Big Al learns he needs a heart transplant; Gabe fades in the shadow of Teddy's spotlight.

  • Alex begs Reed to close the escort service; Cat is asked to gather evidence about Reed's business; Georgie becomes obsessed with John's hit song.

  • Billy's ex-convict father saves Alex's Thanksgiving dinner, but then her diamond ring disappears; Gabe's troubled daughter drops in.

  • Almost everyone approves of Georgie's new beau; Teddy and Kiri clash over a fashion fair; Charley learns the ropes of parenting.

  • Alex's denial of menopause leads to strange behavior; Evan's decision to live with his father devastates Georgie.

  • Alex makes a sad discovery; Teddy learns her company's board may replace her; Charley mulls becoming a foster parent to Jesse .

  • Norma finally gives birth and gets an unexpected visit from her mother; Teddy is put of by Sorenson, who ends up asking her out and Georgie is forced to find new living accommodations after John kicks her out.

  • After her release from the hospital, the family tries to trigger amnesiac Teddy's memory by relating stories of her past. Deciding she has caused her sisters enough pain, she hits the road.

  • Roommate Reed saves Cat's life from a gas leak; Trevor visits Georgie and meets Brian; a former college beau, now a fugitive, seeks Alex's aid.

  • Wounded Teddy falls into a coma; Georgie seeks solace from Brian; after spending time with Billy, Cat decides to be a cop.

  • Georgie tries to put her life back together; Reed returns to Winnetka without Halsey and Kirby; Teddy and Cat are car-jacked when they take a spin in Cat's graduation present, so Teddy decides to buy mother-daughter pistols.

  • Love is in the air when the sisters decide to take a break and head to a south-of-the-border resort for some rest and relaxation.

  • Teddy starts a romance with Jack. Alex becomes mayor for a day when Big Al has a heart attack. John and Georgie learn that Trevor has enlisted in the Army.

  • Jack Chambers, the recipient of Falconer's heart, contacts Teddy. Evan gets boxing lessons from Lucky after an incident with a bully. Charley offers Bea a job at the clinic.

  • Aunt Gigi visits and shares stories from her past about expectant mother Georgiana, bride-to-be Theodora, who wants to elope because her fiance is going off to World War I, and Alexandra who has stars in her eyes and longs to be famous.

  • Teddy obtains the evidence she needs against Albright, but plans are endangered when his associate becomes suspicious of her actions. Alex helps Norma with a PBS telethon. Charley quits her job at Lakeview Medical Association and returns to the free clinic.

  • An unsympathetic judge presides over Alex's trial. Albright's wife confronts Teddy. Cat's married boyfriend makes plans to leave his wife, but Cat leaves him.

  • Teddy and Lucky fear Albright is onto their charade, so they fake Lucky's death. Charley and Georgie get the evidence they need against Dr. Caspian. Alex fights media attacks.

  • Alex decides to face a murder trial in the death of Truman; Teddy pretends to be interested in Albright; Charley discovers her new boyfriend is schizophrenic.

  • Teddy takes matters into her own hands when Falconer's killer is freed for agreeing to testify against drug lord Daniel Albright; Alex helps Truman end his suffering; Frankie moves to Japan to market "Cowlotta".

  • Roxie's father decides to move to St. Louis and take Roxie; John concludes that his marriage can't be saved and serves Georgie divorce papers; Teddy learns Cat's new boyfriend is a 40-year-old married professor, that she used to date.

  • Charley tries to expose Dr. Caspian as the unethical therapist he is; Alex shares Truman's living will with Bea ; Frankie is a big hit as a bovine.

  • Georgie decides to bring Dr. Caspian up on ethics charges before the medical licensing board; Alex receives surprising news about Roxie.

  • Georgie is left in the cold after leaving John for Dr. Caspian ; Alex speaks out on a controversial issue, and Norma is forced to fire her; Teddy and Cat go to a health spa.

  • Georgie gives Teddy and Frankie some unexpected Christmas news. Meanwhile, Thomas George disappears from a Christmas tree lot.

  • Friends at a college homecoming try to convince Georgie and John to stay together; Truman is admitted to a nursing home; Alex attempts to nurse an ill Teddy back to health so they can attend a concert.

  • Alex and Big Al cancel their belated honeymoon when Roxie's mother dies; Georgie attends a psychiatric conference where Dr. Caspian is a speaker; Teddy recruits Lucky for a fashion show, but their pairing makes Frankie thinks her relationship with the boxer is on the ropes.

  • Although Georgie cancels the annual Thanksgiving dinner at her home, family members--including half-sister Charley--gather there anyway to support Bea, who's coping with an ailing Truman; Alex views a videotaped message from Truman in which he makes a surprising request of her; and Teddy shows up with her roommate from rehab---a popular rock singer.

  • Teddy decides to go to rehab, as Alex deals with being the Mayor's wife. Meanwhile, Frankie urges Lucky to withdrawl from his fight.

  • After Dr. Caspian encourages Georgie to fantasize, she's surprised that he's the object of her thoughts; Big Al hits the campaign trail, but scandals threaten to derail his bid; Teddy gets an intern---who may be her ticket to impressing a prospective client.

  • Big Al's life changes when he rescues the governor's wife from drowning in the prison pool; Lucky disappears just as Frankie gets him the match of his career; Teddy meets an unsavory character at a bar.

  • Teddy resorts to alcohol while struggling with Falconer's death; Georgie feels betrayed by John when he visits Dr. Caspian; Grace takes a turn for the worse.

  • Frankie learns that a former client has died and left her a boxer in his will; a dying fan wants Alex to raise her child; Teddy receives a surprise visitor.

  • Teddy suffers from blindness after witnessing Falconer's murder; the rift between Bea and Georgie grows as a result of Georgie's claims that she was molested.

  • No one believes Georgie when she has memories of being sexually abused by her father; Teddy and Falconer begin their lives as newlyweds.

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