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Mad About You is a sitcom created by Paul Reiser and Danny Jacobson. Paul Reiser, along with Helen Hunt, Anne Ramsay, Leila Kenzle, John Pankow and Richard Kind are the stars of the show.  Paul Buchman and Jamie Buchman, played by Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt, are husband and wife.  They have a dog named Murray, and near the end of the series they have a daughter named Mabel Buchman.  The show takes place in New York City, and deals with everyday issues with an entertaining, witty context.

Paul works as a documentary film maker, and Jamie is a public relations specialist.  They met at a news stand, and the rest is history. Their marriage remains strong and fun through the many ups and downs they face.  As a couple in their 30's, living in New York City, things aren't always easy, but they make it through together with a sense of humor and love.

Jamie Buchman has a sister, Lisa Stemple, who is three years older than her, yet her life is far less stable than Jamie's.  Lisa blames Jamie for many of her issues, but she still regularly visits Jamie and Paul, and they are very close.  She even house sits for them while they're away.

Sylvia and Burt Buchman are Paul's parents.  They also have another child, Paul's brother, Ira.  Burt owns a sporting goods store, Buchman's Sporting Goods, and passes it on to Ira upon retirement.  This causes some friction between Paul and Ira, but they are still able to maintain a close, caring relationship.

Mad About You ran for seven seasons with a total of 164 episodes.  Each episode was about 22 minutes long.  The first episode aired on September 23, 1992, and the season finale was May 24, 1999.  It has received multiple awards, including a Golden Globe award and a Peabody award, and was nominated for five Emmy's!

7 Seasons, 165 Episodes - Canceled
September 23, 1992
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  • Mabel's first real film is a biography, looking back at her family's twisted history.

  • Mabel's first real film is a biography, looking back at her family's twisted history.

  • When Debbie compiles Buchman and Stemple family trees, she learns that Paul and Jamie are actually cousins.

  • Paul accidentally runs over Jamie's mother. While she is in the hospital, her estranged husband visits.

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