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This series features inspiration speakers and workshop leaders on how a person can improve their life and become a more well rounded individual. The series shows a person how to find their purpose in life and how to handle daily stressful situations.

1 Season, 3 Episodes
August 24, 2011
Health & Fitness
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  • -Our society is on an unsustainable path, and we have a limited time to turn things around." Acknowledging this, Lynne Twist also became aware that the resources to address our crisis already exist-the missing element is the human commitment.

  • Titans of Yoga unites 25 of the most prominent voices in the world of yoga, mindfulness & meditation into one enlightening documentary. These instructors and leaders impart their wisdom, passing on the art and healthfulness of yoga to generations to come.

  • How to free yourself from unconscious beliefs that prevent you from truly achieving your goals. Throughout the discussion John Assaraf offers simple strategies for winning the inner game so that winning the outer game of success is easily done

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