Watch TV Shows on Gaiam

Gaiam Channel is a health themed and thought provoking production filled with a myriad of eclectic options for its viewers. There is the mainstay of yoga followed by health & longevity, spiritual growth as well as films such as Harold and Maude and Sirius. Episodes of series are thirty minutes to an hour in length, while the movies are full length.

Yoga is the cornerstone of Gaiam television and Rodney Yee is the face in front of the crowd. His show encourages the beginner to the advance practitioner in the practical benefits of this exercise.

Health & Longevity shows capture the power of spiritual healing through creating a mindset to push beyond what is considered normal. Shows such as Healing Love with host Sarina Stone discuss the power of individual love as well as the love of couples. Superfood Secrets to Optimal Health is a show guided by David Wolfe, renowned authority on the holistic approach of food.

Spiritual Growth shows use the technique of love and positive thoughts to heal the inner and outer man. Shows such as The Love Mob along with its host Preston Smiles has begun a global movement to impact the state of man’s spiritual growth.

Harold and Maude is part of the conscious series of films for Gaiam television. It is a cult favorite romantic comedy that taunts love is ageless.

Sirius is a film that delves into the discussion of extraterrestrial life. The film feeds into the notion that we are not alone on the earth or in the universe. Dr. Steven M. Greer showcases his proof of the visitors from another world.