McMillan & Wife

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Stuart McMillan, known to his friends as Mac, oversees the San Francisco Police Department as its Commissioner. A Navy veteran and former attorney, Mac works with his aide, Sgt. Charles Enright, in solving some of the baffling mysteries the police encounter. Enright, earnest and enthusiastic, often lags behind the quick witted McMillan. Mac

Sunday on NBC
1 Season, 39 Episodes
September 29, 1971
Drama, Mystery, Romance
Cast: Rock Hudson, John Schuck, Susan Saint James, Nancy Walker
McMillan & Wife

McMillan & Wife Full Episode Guide

  • Glamour model Vanessa Vale seems to have committed suicide by jumping off a 15th-story apartment balcony, but things take a strange twist when Vanessa returns from a trip alive and well. Mac investigates to see who would want to murder Vanessa.

  • When he returns home from a weekly poker game, Mac's dentist discovers a local television news anchor who apparently died of a heart attack. The dentist's wife and father-in-law rope him into covering up the death.

  • You pays your money, you takes your choice. While on an airline flight, Mac witnesses passengers dying mysteriously.

  • Mac's world is disrupted when a professional assassin named Phillip weasels his way into Mac's personal life. He has to keep a lid on his temper, figure out who hired Phillip and investigate the death of a police informant.

  • Mac comes home from his vacation to discover that his apartment was bombed, he's presumed dead and two dead bodies were found inside -- one of whom is a community college student. Kim Basinger makes a guest appearance.

  • Mac meets a professional tennis player in Las Vegas, whose stepson is being held hostage. In exchange, the kidnappers want the necklace she is wearing, a valuable and sentimental piece given to her by her late husband.

  • Mac dons a naval uniform to serve as counsel for a lieutenant who claims the man she shot tried to rape her. The story doesn't hold up well under scrutiny, and both the prosecutor and Mac search for answers.

  • Mildred's sister, Agatha, appears on the scene, and the two of them, plus the McMillans, go visit a dying -- and wealthy -- woman who happens to be related to the sisters. One of the woman's nephews is desperate to get her money.

  • Targeting politicians who are up for election, a blackmailing ring hopes to squeeze some hush money out of the city bigwigs. Meanwhile, Sgt. Enright leaves the force to pursue a new career track in the private sector.

  • The McMillans consider selling their house, which generates a larger amount of interest than they anticipated. Later, an earthquake shakes loose a shocking secret that's been hiding behind the bricks.

  • A lawyer uses his connections from inside jail to hire a gunman to follow Mac around and take pot shots at him. Later, when Mac is speaking to a friend's wife on a balcony, a shot is fired at them, leading to tragic consequences.

  • Mac's eccentric mother insists on helping with a police investigation involving attempted murders on her and one of her close friends -- 90-year-old Andy Kenesaw, who co-founded a company with Mac's grandfather years before.

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