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Adam 12 was a television series created by Jack Webb. It told the story of two Los Angeles police officers, one veteran and one rookie, who patrol the streets of Los Angeles keeping the peace. It starred Martin Milner as Police Officer Pete Malloy, and Kent McChord as Police Officer Jim Reed. It was a very popular series because of Jack Webb.

Jack Webb, with his Mark VII Limited production company, was a stickler for authenticity. Which is why Jack Webb's most famous series; Dragnet was so successful. The American viewing audience was educated, by the dialogue on Adam 12, on normal police procedure and police jargon.

The reason the show was named Adam 12 because that was the call sign you heard on the police radio in the patrol car. The patrol car they used was fully authentic as a police cruiser. This devotion to detail was what made Adam 12 so popular, that it was on for 7 years.

What Kent McCord and Martin Milner brought to their characters, contributed greatly to the success of the series also. They had a relationship that was both professional and personal. They liked and respected each other. That came out in every aspect of the calls they were dispatched on. Many other cop shows have been on television in the past. But none of them influenced so many viewers to become police officers themselves. That is another contributing factor that Adam 12 had to the American public. Jack Webb found a gold mine with Adam 12.

7 Seasons, 174 Episodes - Canceled
September 21, 1968
Classic TV
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Adam 12 Full Episode Guide

  • Having just recovered from being shot, Malloy returns to work and finds out Reed is thinking about becoming an investigator. If Reed passes the investigator's exam, he'll wind up with a desk job -- and Malloy will need a new partner.

  • With his wife telling him to quit the force, Reed wonders whether he's really making a difference as a police officer. In order to better serve his community, Reed volunteers to work with the narcotics department.

  • Female cop Dana Hall isn't getting any respect at the Los Angeles precinct from the male officers, so she sets out to prove her toughness. But Dana's attempts to impress everyone end up backfiring and creating major problems.

  • Mark Harmon guest stars as Gus Corbin, a rookie cop who becomes Reed's temporary partner. While Malloy works a desk job, Reed struggles to keep Corbin from taking unnecessary risks in the line of duty.

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Adam 12 Star Martin Milner Dies at 83

Martin Milner, a familiar face on 1960s and 70s television, died this week at the age of 83.

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